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  1. nianiamh

    Importing a UK CRF250x

    Hi I am moving to Canada later this year, should i sell and buy another bike in Canada or bring it with me, the cost of shipping is not a problem as there will be room in the container for it any way. Anyone know what would be involved to get it on the road out there with it being uk road registered, Easy or total Nightmare. Ill hate to see it go as the spec is well sorted and it stands at about £7000gbp. What kind of prices are the selling for out there new? Cheers
  2. nianiamh

    Help needed fitting Rekluce in 450x please

    It must be good being great
  3. I got my Rekluse off T/T store, My bike is a 06 450x and the kit was listed for 05/06 models, the bike is at my local mx store to have it fitted but they are saying all the steels are fine but the holes for the bolts/scerws on the centre plate that does the lifting don`t line correctly, i have`nt a clue what there on about but this shop has fitted a few Rekluse set up in the past so its not anything new to them my mates 250x is having one fitted as well and they are saying the same with his are they doing something wrong at the shop or has anyone else come across this any help will be most welcome Cheers NIANIAMH
  4. nianiamh

    Rekluse with Duel Handbrakes?

    Ive ran with a Rekluse & rear bar mounted brake now for the last 2yrs on my YZ426 then on a CRF250x and i`ll be doing it all again this week on my new 450x once you get in to it you`ll never go back again
  5. nianiamh


    Ive dropped the rear down to 49 on mine, have`nt a clue what kind of speed its doing but there`s still loads of bottom end there
  6. nianiamh

    made the plunge!

    Ive had mine just over a month and i love it, even after the first outing when nose dived upto the headlight in a very small puddle http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=1716422275905081327&q=toms+farm+enduro I can tell you it woke me up. I`ve rode for the last 2yrs with a Rekluse clutch on my YZ426 & CRF250x, so there`s one on order for the 450x.