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    BAD experience at K BAR M

    K-bar-m Atv Park Trails Are All Numbered And They Do Have One Way Trails They Give You A Map And There Is A No Refund Sign Hanging Up . My Wife And 2 Children Age 7 &10 Ride Twice A Month At The Park Yes Sometimes It Is Muddy Thanks To God For The Rain. This Is One Of The Last Places That Is Legal To Ride. After Reading Your Post I Called The Owner To Ask His Side . I Know You Had Trouble With Your Bike Not Starting , Maybe You Were Really Mad About That .he Stated That Not 1 But 3 Different People Tried To Take You Out On The Trails Only After You Turning And Almost Knocking One Young Lady Down Did He Say Anything Out Of The Way . His # 864-490-5240 Try Getting Your Money Back After 15 Mins At Six Flags . I Am Sorry You Had A Bad Experience.