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  1. barnone66

    Walker Valley

    Anybody know the conditions at Walker Valley? I live up in BC, Canada and was thinking of making the trip down this weekend. Is it fairly busy this time of year on the weekend, or can we pretty much expect to have the trails to ourselves? Thanks for any info.
  2. barnone66

    How did everyone do!

    Wow!!! What a race. That was my first crack at racing and I don't think I've ever had so much fun and been soooo exhausted at the same time. Thanks for posting the photos (that was me getting the holeshot in the vid!). Thought the course was great, although I could have done without the snow section (what an energy sapper). People were really nice and courteous out on the race course and there were lots of volunteers offering encouragement and a helping hand. A very impressive and well run event by the Stumpjumpers. I will definitely be back next year. I snagged second in Open C and look forward to trying to tackle the long course in Open B next year. Thanks for a great event guys!!!!
  3. barnone66

    Stumpjumpers Frost Bite, February 16th 2008

    What do most guys run for tires up at Reiter. I'm coming from Vancouver, BC and it sounds like we have similiar terrain up here. We like the Maxxis SI's and new Bridgestone 403's. Michelin S12's up front work well. Any tips for rubber down there???