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  1. gingi310

    Black Cemoto Rear Fender for XR650L

    Is that all? From the photos, I assumed it was under the clearcoat.....doh!
  2. gingi310

    Black Cemoto Rear Fender for XR650L

    It worked out well and I love the look of the fender; IMHO it loks better than the Maier and doesn't have any cheesy brand markings anywhere, unlike the Maier. They are actually pretty cool to work with a good website (http://www.cemoto.it/). Even with the shipping from Italy, the fenders cost less than the ones from Maier.....now I just have to pawn off a couple of extras.....
  3. Check it out installed on a bike here: http://tinyurl.com/335d5o I couldn't find these available anywhere. XR's only used to stock them, but they are not available anymore. Baja Designs couldn't source them either. I went ahead and contacted Cemoto directly in Italy and they DO sell directly provide you meet their minimum order amount and pay for shipping from Italy! Long story short, I have three black rear fenders on the way and one cool looking front fender that they sell. These are purpose made for the XR650L and bolt right up with no modifications. Boo yah! Pictures soon! If anyone is interested in one of the extras, let me know and I'll hook you up!
  4. gingi310

    Stolen 06 DRZ 400 SM

    Dude. Sorry to hear about your loss. I live on Green & Hyde and actually rode by your bike every day on the way to work. Even stopped and checked it out close up a couple of times. Every time I passed, I thought, "Damn that is a good looking ride" and "I wonder why he doesn't have that thing chained up..." My wife and I actually tried to get that apartment for rent on Larkin in the middle of that block and I thought we had it at one point but were rejected. I was thinking that, if we got it, I would drive a shackle into the sidewalk in front of that big tree where you parked your bike sometimes and see if you wanted to go in a chain with which to chain our two bikes together. luckily my new apartment has a garage.....
  5. gingi310

    Lowering an XR650L?

    The XR650L that I bought has a lowering link installed. I want to raise it back up to stock. If anyone wants to lower theirs, I would gladly trade parts.