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  1. So I have been looking at the 2015 500 EXC-F too, and been wondering about the maintenance schedule. I currently have a 350 XC-F which I have used for track riding and some off-road racing (GPs and Hare Scrambles). I want to start doing more longer rides. . . . 4-5 hours (100+ miles/day) on fire-roads and do some sight-seeing, using paved roads to get from area to area, but nothing at freeway speeds. So I've been wondering what the maintenance schedule on the new KTM 500 EXC-F is like, everything from changing the oil to new top-end. Luckily, KTM is so awesome that they have of their KTM manuals online, so I looked at prior year's 500 EXC-F and 450 Six Days and see that the oil change is 15 hours for the EXC-F vs 10 hours for the XC-F, so slightly better, but not as much as I'd like to see. But then I see where some of the bigger service certain items like change piston and change valves says "every 135 operating hours / every 70 operating hours when used for motorsports." So...now for the question....For my XC-F, can I safely get away with going longer on my service intervals since I will just be cruising along instead of harder, higher-rev riding? Are the XC-F engine parts as reliable as the EXC-F to do longer intervals when doing lighter riding? Or should I just sell the XC-F and get the EXC-F?
  2. J.T.3, is that the 3.0 gal or the 4.1 gal tank that you put on your 350?
  3. Help! I need to order some fuel screens for my 2016 350 XCF. I'm having a hard time finding online. And I believe there are some specifics with the part numbers as they made a rolling change to the part a year or two ago. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I was looking at some of the online schematics on retailers' websites but couldn't find....I'm thinking I'm overlooking it somehow. Much appreciated in advance for your help!
  4. Thanks TopDog! Always good to get some confirmation. We buttoned her up and feels snug....let's go racing, boys!
  5. Hey all....I'm installing a FMF Factory 4.1 Slip-On to a 2014 KTM 250 SX-F and there is no place on the muffler to attach the spring that binds the muffler and head pipe together. It's like the clip was not welded-on. I'm installing the same muffler to a 2016 KTM 350 XC-F and this muffler has the clip welded on. Is this normal? Is it ok to run without the spring? Race planned tomorrow and need the FMF muffler/spark arrestor to race. Was this missed in manufacturing? -pbody
  6. Decal Works. Great online tool to view your bike, lots of options, and great customer service.
  7. 2016 XC-F's do not Have to use some type of poker...can't tell by looking.
  8. Just borrowed a friend's Motion Pro PBR Chain tool....will try it this evening when I get back home.
  9. Stock chain on the 2016 350 XC-F. I've never had an o-ring or x-ring chain before. Trying to take off the master link, so I have the clip removed, just trying to push the link out. It won't budge.... Anyone have any tricks or do I just need to apply more force? I looked and see lots of info on the rivet-type, but nothing on the clip-type. Assuming the clip-type works just like another other master link type chain.
  10. Just bought one from TM Designworks last week for my '16 350. $129 or so I believe, plus another $10 for aluminum clamps to replace the plastic clamp in the rear. And yep, it's mounted....fit perfectly. A friend said KTMs are available now, but the TMD provides more coverage, especially for the water pump.
  11. Just got my '16 350 XC-F and went for my 1 hour break-in ride. Afterwards when checking the spoke tension, not one spoke was close to the torque setting of 6 NM. The spokes all seem to be evenly tensioned, just weird that not one was close to 6 NM. Has anyone else with the '16 350 XC-F experience this? Do they settle that much? The setting of 6 NM does seem like a high torque setting compared to other wheels I've had in the past, so does this seem correct? I do question the manual as I have seen a few other things wrong in the manual (i.e. cold start button) And another variable is that my torque wrench (Excel) could be off, but is only a year old....use it 3-4x year, and seems to work correct with other wheels.
  12. It also works same for me as OP mentioned and the video show. Was going for my 2nd ride today and cool enough to use the cold start. I immediately got confused and scared that something was wrong with the high idle when the button was pushed in vs. out. Whew...thanks internet!
  13. Yep, their website lists it at 17". Anyone have WC Factory 4 Stand and have a height?
  14. Looking for a fixed moto stand with the tallest height....heard that the Work Connection Factory 4 Stand is taller than most, but WC doesn't list the height and they mention that they've lowered the stand to make it easier to place bike on top. Does anyone know the exact height of the WC Factory 4 stand? Or any other taller stands? One of the only heights that I can find is this one from Chaparral, which someone states 17" tall.... http://www.chaparral-racing.com/product/ocelot-aluminum-stand-ii/124-1010.aspx Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Have you tried Rocky Mountain ATV/MC? Great source for OEM parts. Ship quick and prices are reasonable for most high-volume OEM parts. I get a ton of stuff from them for my '00 and '05 YZ125s