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  1. danielfernandez18

    has anyone tried the moose lightning coil

    I want to put lights on my 2007 RMZ 450 but the only thing i´ve been able to find is the moose lightning coil. Has anyone tried this on any bike and how does it work. Any help would be apreciated. Daniel Fernandez
  2. :ride: i changed my SM wheels for a 21 inch front and an 18 inch rear wheels for some trail riding, the problem is that the speedometer does not measure speed or mileage correctly, has any one of you out there adjusted it or is it imposible, am i stuck with the wrong speed? Help any body please.
  3. danielfernandez18

    my DRZ bogs of idle

    thank eddie, the thing is that i really like the bike without the snorkel, can you give me any tips no how to jet my bike, i ride my bike mostly at 5000 feet and average weather of 25°C. Thanks
  4. danielfernandez18

    my DRZ bogs of idle

    Please help, i have the following problem, i have an 06 drz 400SM with a pro circuit pipe with header, took off the airbox restriction and the bike bogs and stalls when i blip the throttle from idle, i've tried to adjust the air screw but had no luck, i still have the stock jetting, the bike works fine every place else but when i stop and go most of the times the bike bogs and stalls. Please help, i don't know what else to try.