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  1. Supercross

    I tell you one thing I found really annoying, the mxdn being in the US again. Its like the olympics of our sport, no country should EVER hold it two years in a row. I dont want to watch it on a track i've seen during the AMA year. Take it somewhere interesting where the fans/scene are differnt like the UK, France or Germany.
  2. Supercross

    No no no, wrong again. Just bringing up a topic that can be argued appropriatley. Not putting shit on anyone. Once again just congratulating the young Australian riders achievements over seas. Well done Reedy, Metty, Byrner, Mcfarlane, Mossy and Reardon.
  3. Supercross

    That makes no sence. "loosing its touch" is meant in the present tense. Most winningest is past. No ones denying that america is the biggest force in motocross, have been and always will be. When you have 15times the population of say Australia its bound to happen. All im saying is that credit is due to the Australian riders. Reedy takes quite alot of cop, hes worked hard to be where he is and congrats to him. Australia is only just starting to form supercross as a mainstram sport in Australia, half the population wouldn't have a clue who chad reed is. Stewart is coming to race the final round of our supercross series in Brisbane which is going to be absolutely awsome to watch. cant wait to see him in action. Hopefully afew more yanks can make the trip down to OZ> p.s. you know this thread is just a stirring pot
  4. Supercross

    Talking more of the likes of Young Mossy. Going straight to the USA from Australia so has been there less then a year. And is coming off a broken back. Once they do get to the USA though they become alot quicker, this is true!
  5. With an Australian wrapping up the motocross title this year and Pourcel looking to do the same thing where has america gone? Not to mention the ever consistant Brett Metcalfe and Michael Byrne plus New Zealanders Ben Townley and Cody Cooper! Then you still have young guys like Jake Moss who consistently ran the 2nd best times by far, unfortunatly having bike troubles. You then have Reardon who has had some bad luck lately but has the speed to podium and Matt Moss (Jakes twin bro) who will be shredding the USA aboard a TLD honda next year. As well as possibly young Luke George. All this coming from a severly 'motocross disadvantaged' country. Our tracks are no where as good and riders have basically no where to train. Yet we are still succeeding on the tracks you have grown up on. Time for the American juniors to step up their game. For the first time ever you are playing catch up!
  6. Short slideshow of the Australian mx scene I finally uploaded after a year, enjoy... please rate anc comment aswell, cheers
  7. Australia

    Gooday guys and girls. If by chance you love in NSW, even ACT/VIC if your willing to make the trip us guys at ADBforum are onganising a big riding and get together weekend at Freeflight motocross complex. See the poster below. If your interested head over to the forums for some infof, hope to see you there
  8. Thankyou to all that have signed so far. Keep them coming, we need to fight this otherwise anyone will think they can cancel an sx event. Cheers
  9. Thanks guys keep them coming. As you know this is being run by one of the countries biggest newspaper so if we get a good response it will deffently make an impact. Please help wether your Australian or not, this is a total outrage and disrespect to our beloved sport.
  10. Keep them coming guys and gals. Good on ya
  11. Thanks Guys, please keep them coming, every name of support will count.
  12. Please everyone, the Paramatta round of the Australasian SuperX series is in trouble, wether your a supecross fan/Australian or not click below and sign the petition, it will only take 30 seconds of your time. It's your sport, help build it. Cheers Full article below:,22049,24325815-5006009,00.html
  13. Australia

    To all Australians, If you havent heard the Paramatta Supercross is in trouble Please everyone, wether your a supecross fan or not click below and sign the petition, it will only take 30 seconds of your time Full article below:,22049,24325815-5006009,00.html Cheers
  14. Ok We took the RH side cover of and nothing was visibly loose. We have come to the conclusion that it was the oil that was making the clutch slip. Because the kickstarter transfers its power threw the clutch (am I right) because it was slipping means no start. If it was a start in any gear bike it would be a differt story.
  15. It's al 4 up. Its not the clutch slack, we have tried everything simple like that And yes the lifan is a good engine when its running, things like this just happen. I am in the process now of taking the cover off, have already drained oil. Will take case off and look at kickstart connections IMO I think we have struck 2 problems at once 1, thsomething inside the engine has come loose so lost kickstarter 2. The new oil has forced the clutch to start slipping.