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    Cylinder and Piston Replacement

    Any suggestions as to a good place to get a new cylinder and piston? I'm a lucky one who had a piston dig it's way into the side wall of the cylinder. No clue what happened...yes I had oil in it. It's got a gnarly gash...let me tell you! It's about 1" long and 1/2" deep! The damage is done, so now the rebuilding process begins. I want to get a good deal (of course), but I want to get a good product too. Any suggestions other than factory Kawasaki parts? 2006 KX 450F is what I USED to ride...now just look at the shop it's in! Help me get going again! Thanks to all looking at this.
  2. I was able to get my bike fixed...The problem was the factory didn't tighten my shift detent. My local shop found the problem within an hour and fixed it for free (Factory Warranty). So, if any of you are having similar issues, might suggest looking at the detent as well.
  3. All, I'm having a similar problem with my kx450. I have a total of three rides on my bike after breaking it in. The first two were great, no problems. The third however was a lot different. I am having a problem with mine engaging the transmission in any gear. When my bike is on, I cannot get into neutral but when it is off it goes right in...unless I decide to move, then it goes into neutral when it feels like it. Anyone having this problem? I have an appointment with my local shop and have printed the posting before this and shown them. They have not heard of this issue. Please advise if any of you have additional information. Thank you all!