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  1. The motor could be getting tight due to the valve clearances closing up and when hot they could stick open ever so slightly causing loss of compression due to inadequate clearance when the motor is hot.The oil part is about fuel contamination.
  2. Ahh..that makes much more sense.Thanks!
  3. The 2.4 part of the diameter description in the parts fiche doesn't correlate to inches,centimeters or millimeters. It's likely always been a typo.I measured the cover o-ring at 2-3/16" or 2.187".
  4. Just order by the oem part numbers provided or they are provided with the NAPA oil filter.
  5. I've already provided the info a while back.What more do you need? To convert the dimensions to sae multiply millimeters by .03937 inches.
  6. I've already provided the info a while back.What more do you need?
  7. There are two different Clarke tanks.One for the S/SM and one for the old E model.3.6 gal for the E and 3.9 gal for the s/sm.
  8. The big Dr doesn't use the same p etcock as a Drz as I recall. I'll look up the part# when I get home from work. Ok,it's k&l 18-5038.hth
  9. 3000 miles on a rebuilt stock petcock???That's really hard to believe. I've had 3 Drzs over the years,one with over 40,000 mi with the stock vacuum p etcock and it still works great. I've had a K&L complete rebuild kit on hand for a very long time now just in case but continues to collect dust.Who knows,maybe it's because I always treat my fuel or mostly ride street.I also have a Pingel unit as well and it too is unused.
  10. The 705 is available in a 120/70 for supermotos and is what should be used.It is very similar to the old Avon Distanzia sm am43.
  11. You can buy a load-independent flasher combo relay from several sources to replace the stock relay to slow down the flash rate.In the old days we wired in heavy duty load resistors with wire extensions to do the same thing but it is kind of messy.Either way will work fine though.
  12. What exactly is a " wp suspension"?
  13. Yes,I'm pretty sure they are.