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  1. I too updated my bars to tapered ones a very long time ago and just fabricated a oem style switch mount to work directly with the new top clamp and painted it to match then everything hooked up and worked like before.
  2. bumtarder

    Jd jet kit blue needle

    They most certainly are.The whole reason for the jet kit is for the two (2) needles themselves which are very proprietary in their design.The rest of the stuff like jets,bowl screws,standard or extended fuel screws can easily be obtained from local sources on the cheap.If you think it's no big deal try machining or profiling your own needle.
  3. bumtarder

    462 vs 434 vs dyno

    Funny how the DRZ prefers the R root diameter needles.
  4. Seems like instructions to wire a stolen bike imho.
  5. bumtarder

    Jd jet kit blue needle

    The whole reason for paying $75 for a jet kit is for the needles and the r&d to make it so.The rest of the kit is just fluff.
  6. bumtarder

    Max HP with FCR 39, cams, big bore, stock exhaust?

    That graph doesn't do justice for that pipe,the midrange hit is huge and the top end as well.too bad they stopped production.They didn't fully understand the market potential imho.
  7. bumtarder

    Grrrrr acerbis tank install problems

    I have never bought a aftermarket part for any type of vehicle that I owned that didn't need to be fitted first to get it to mount correctly.Nature of the beast.
  8. bumtarder


    Nothing to worry about.You have to get the motor to full operating temperature.3 minutes on the kickstand in your yard won't do it,ride the bike as you normally would for 15 min.,turn off,wait a couple minutes,stand the bike straight up then pull the dipstick and take a reading.Should be in the crosshatch area.Do not check oil level when cold,that's not how a dry sump motor works.You have to check oil right after a ride when the motor is hot. The oil is stored in the frame tank and takes overnight or so for it to completely drain into the motor cases and it usually won't show on the stick.
  9. bumtarder

    SM rear wheel help

    Moose Racing markets individual spokes with the nipple for popular mx bikes for about $3.Not sure it'll fit a drz though.
  10. bumtarder

    2017 SM how to check if carb has been jetted

    Right,.The top of the airbox will have an enlarged hole like the white outline in the pic. http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/image/93329000
  11. bumtarder

    Carb drain screw

    Don't suppose you could drill the head of the screw and press through a simple roll pin?If that would give you enough leverage?
  12. bumtarder

    bad starter??

    I had a bad starter relay years ago that caused a no crank condition.I by-passed the relay using pliers handles across its battery connection terminals with the ignition key on and the kill switch off and the bike cranked right over until the new relay came in.The relay is behind the right side panel just under the seat.You'll see the large battery cables to it.
  13. bumtarder

    Carb drain screw

    If you're handy you can braze a thumb tab to the head of the screw or have a machinist do it.
  14. bumtarder

    What can I expect with the 3x3 mod?

    The Keihin 39 FCR-MX carb alone will give you another 4hp and a good open race pipe another 2-3.It makes a world of difference.
  15. I have some from an early 2005 SM 56321-27E00.Will they work for your application?What are you trying to do to your '08 S?