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    No fuel getting to cylinder

    I've got a 2009 CRF450 that I just replaced the fuel filter, injector and adjusted the valves. I've gone through the throttle body completely and checked every connector. For some reason it will not get fuel. I tried unplugging the throttle position sensor cause I read that could be the problem and still nothing. I'm positive it is not getting fuel out of the injector when kicking. Any ideas? I have a feeling its the stator cause I've read a lot of people had the same issues and that was it. It does have spark though.
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  3. Faceplantfilms

    Supercross Canard and Morais crash

    Wow that was one of the worst crashes I've ever seen. Morais hit way harder than I thought. Wish the best to both of them!
  4. I just got a project 2000 XR70 and all the spokes were snapped. I replaced them all and it just doesn't seem right. Does anyone have a picture of a rear wheel I can see to make sure it is right? Or a manual I can download? Thanks!
  5. Faceplantfilms

    Honda xr 70 question-- please help!

    Sounds like your timing is off and valves need to be adjusted. I had the smoking problem also and it turn out that my intake valve was worn and oil was getting into the head. I replaced the valve, guide, seals and put a new piston in and it was fixed.
  6. Faceplantfilms

    2004 YZ125 crank gear bolt

    I'm working on a 2004 YZ125 and it needs a new crank. The bolt that holds on the gear at the crank, is it regular thread or reverse?
  7. I was riding a pit bike last month and put my foot down off a small jump. Ended up snapping my fibula and had to have surgery. Doctor says in a couple weeks he wants me to walk on it and if the biggest screw snaps they will leave it in forever!! If not then I have to have it taken out! ***!!! Has anyone been through this before or even heard of this? I'm not looking forward to walking on it! I almost think I'd rather have them take it out.
  8. Faceplantfilms

    Is my Doctor right about this? Seems crazy to me!

    Thanks Dr. Mark. Makes me feel a little better about this Doctor I'm dealing with.
  9. Faceplantfilms

    Clicking in first gear

    When my xr70 is in first gear there is a clicking coming from the motor almost like it is skipping on the sprockets but they are brand new. Once I put it in second gear or third the noise goes away. Only does it in 1st. Any ideas?
  10. Faceplantfilms

    Clicking in first gear

    No its not either of the things you guys suggested checking. It's really weird cause it only happens in first gear and is inside the motor.
  11. Faceplantfilms

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    A little update, I found out what my problem was. Turns out the o-ring on the seal inside the fuel pump was damaged causing the fuel pump to work but not enough to push through the injector. Replaced the seal and it runs like a champ!
  12. Faceplantfilms

    09 fuel pump the same as 2010?

    Just wondering cause I have to replace one and know they made improvements on the 2010. Will a 2010 pump work on an 09?
  13. Faceplantfilms

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    I'm still not sure how to test the injector. Here is the link to downloading the service manual. https://files.me.com/debbiedoggrooming/n5ahn1
  14. Faceplantfilms

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    Yeah I tried push starting and no go. I have the manual now but don't really understand what they are talking about when testing systems. I could email you the manual if you want to take a look at it. I have a feeling my pickup coil is shot. Like I said I just tested the condenser, ECU and rectifier on another 09 and they worked fine so its not those. It also has a brand new fuel filter and injector.
  15. Faceplantfilms

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    Ok Shawn I will do that. What if it doesn't have power there?
  16. Faceplantfilms

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    So I just got back from checking the condenser, rectifier, and ECU unit on the same bike and everything checked out fine. Now what! lol The fuel injector is brand new along with the fuel filter and I kicked it over and the fuel pump is working. But it still isn't getting fuel. Just downloaded the service manual and tonight I'm going to try to test the output of the stator, but it does have spark to the plug. I've read that that doesn't matter cause it might not be powering the FI? Any suggestions?
  17. Faceplantfilms

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    I've that it can have spark and not enough power to make the fuel injection work therefore the fuel injection will not work. The fuel pump does work and the fuel injector is brand new.
  18. Faceplantfilms

    No fuel getting to cylinder

    I actually pulled the fuel line off and kicked it over and it comes out right away so I don't think that is my problem. Anyone know how to test the stator?
  19. Faceplantfilms

    Connecticut Rough sand tracks to ride at?

    Does anyone know of some really rough sand pits or tracks in CT, RI or Mass to ride at that aren't completely illegal? I've got some privateer pros training for Southwick the next 2 weeks and are looking for spots. If so send me message. Thanks!!
  20. Faceplantfilms

    Hard starting and weak power

    So I have a 09 CRF450. The valves are spot on and it has a new fuel filter. I also cleaned the throttle body spotless. It was running like a champion but now all the sudden its hard to start and doesn't have the same amount of power. I just took it apart and checked the valve clearance and fuel injection connections. Everything is good. Any ideas?
  21. Faceplantfilms

    2009 CRF450 online manual?

    Does anyone have a link or have a online service manual for a 2009 CRF450? Thanks!
  22. Faceplantfilms

    Hard starting and weak power

    Did yours have spark at all cause mine does have good spark.
  23. Faceplantfilms

    Fuel injection not working

    Ok so I've been working on this 09 CRF450 for a couple days now. Heres where I'm at. It has spark, valve clearance is spot on and timing. The fuel pump works fine and filter is new. I've cleaned every connector and the throttle body spotless. Today I put it all together to start and nothing. A month ago I had to change the fuel filter cause it was clogged. What are the chances my injector is clogged? I kicked it a bunch of times and its not getting fuel. I also took the air boot off and kicked it to watch the injector and nothing is coming out at all. Any tips?
  24. Faceplantfilms

    Fuel injection not working

    Yeah I'm getting plenty of fuel out of the fuel line when I kick it. Do you know what the voltage and resistance of the injector is suppose to be at? I don't have a service manual. Thanks!
  25. Faceplantfilms

    Hard starting and weak power

    Don't know anywhere I can download a manual online for free do you?