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  1. Mine was shipped from Muzzys and it has the bend as well. I noticed it wasn't like my FZ1's core but obviously it was done intentionally.
  2. gotfz1

    Anyone Put a GPS on their DRZ???

    Of the 15k on my SM pretty much all has been with ram mounts and either my old lowrance hiking gps or my zumo. Both have survived all kinds of weather and fire road/trail spills.
  3. gotfz1

    Avon Distanzias

    Really well on both counts imho.
  4. gotfz1

    New CVK40 convert

    Yep, the latter method (for measuring with carb on the bike) is mentioned in the article linked in the first post.
  5. gotfz1

    Where to run vent from Clarke tank

    I just tuck it between the frame and cable bundle on the left side. No bar interference even at full lock with my Clarke.
  6. gotfz1

    repacking exhaust

    That screen is the baffle I referred to. If you diy, you're just going to put new packing material around it. If you buy the kit you'll get that baffle with the glass in a plastic package already slid over it. Just drop it in. Here's a write up with pics that might help you visualize it, this guy goes the extra step of adding steel wool to the baffle to make the glass last a bit longer: http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Repacking_a_Muzzy
  7. gotfz1

    repacking exhaust

    Yeah Muzzys models that have rivets holding the end caps on need to be riveted back. As long as your thingy can do the right size you're fine. That shipping is high (maybe try some other e-tailers?), the plusses to the kit are a new baffle and the packing is in plastic that will burn itself away so no glass handling involved.
  8. gotfz1

    repacking exhaust

    Easy. You can get the kits direct from Muzzys for 20-something.
  9. gotfz1

    Inland Empire, CA: 400SM Ride

    Between weather and work not a lot the last couple of months. Mostly street, some fire roads. Around here I usually do a loop on the Ridge Road when it's open for a lunch/weekday thing. Weekends Big Bear, Idyllwild, Palomar, Bouquet/Lake Hughes etc..
  10. gotfz1

    Inland Empire, CA: 400SM Ride

    Me too. I'm down for a Sat ride.
  11. gotfz1

    New CVK40 convert

    Can't really get a shot till I take some stuff off again. Once I had the carb in and was able to see it with the cables positioned I used a small ratcheting philips driver to remove the bracket and make adjustments.
  12. gotfz1

    New CVK40 convert

    Another happy customer. Thanks for this thread and everybody that's posted settings. 06 SM 3x3 Full Muzzys Carb was around 100 on fleabay, needed a new float bowl oring and cleaning. 148 main 3rd clip Drilled the slide as in first post 2.5 turns out on mix screw Modifed the throttle cable bracket differently than described, removed material from the top of each bracket, didn't like kinks in the cables. The pull cable is routed through the triangular engine/frame mount if you can picture that Still using both cables. Runs great
  13. A used bike under 10k is one thing, just be careful getting too crazy claiming you got that 07 Escalade for a few k without some reason... states have already started nailing people on bigger ticket vehicles. But a review of the types of transfers your state doesn't tax and some creative thinking will often turn up some ideas
  14. Currently CA titles are pink with a blue border. Older ones are green/yellow/pink with a green border (called "the rainbow title"). Those came around in the late 80s when they went to the new 7x11 (approx). Before that there were 4x5 titles and I'm thinking those were pink but I'm getting senile. The only requirements of a seller in Cali are signing the pink slip to release their interest and filling out the required items on the pink slip. Notarization is not required. Sellers also must notify the CA DMV that they have sold the vehicle (there's a detachable portion of the pink they keep and mail in) but that's to protect the seller from liability. You don't technically even need a bill of sale to xfer within Cali but they are good to have for various reasons. Sometimes additional forms are required for certain transfers, it's all documented on the CA dmv site. More important for you as an out of state buyer is what your state's DMV requires to register there.
  15. gotfz1

    Those who've removed the rear fender bag.

    I always keep a reduced copy of the papers in my wallet just in case the bike gets stolen or towed and I need the numbers while away from home. Also keep a copy on the bike in the airbox or between rear fender and seat.