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  1. scaryfast250f

    how to winterize

    i just broke my arm for the second time this season , so im just gonna put the bike away till next season so i was wondering if there is anything i have to do to winterize it till i start riding again. thanks
  2. scaryfast250f

    difference between 05/06 kxf

    actually the motors arent that different, me with my 05 and my friend with an 06 drag reced like 4 times and even switched bikes and raced but they were always almost dead even. and they are about the same on the track too. but i really didn't like the 06 suspension when i took it around the track.
  3. scaryfast250f

    think somethings messed up

    Alright i finally got everything straight with the valves and the tapping. the next day i got it back was practice at the local track, i waited for about an hour and a half for my class to be up, so i went out and the second jump wich was brand new so i wanted to roll it, so i went to hit the brakes and missed, i nose dived super bad and broke both bones in my right arm and broke my wrist so i didnt even get to ride and im out for 7 weeks.
  4. scaryfast250f

    think somethings messed up

    alright ill do that
  5. scaryfast250f

    think somethings messed up

    awesome, ill have to get it back to the shop then, but do you know anything about what that tapping noise might be? they did check the valves, is there any way they could have messed that up or something?
  6. scaryfast250f

    think somethings messed up

    do you think it could be valves tapping it does sound like its in the motor. i dont think they have worked on too many 4-stroke motocross bikes. and what kind of a power gain should i be looking for for the exhaust, jet kit, and the air filter.
  7. scaryfast250f

    think somethings messed up

    i sold my kx100 and spent $1200 of that on performance parts. i bought the p.c. ti-4 full system, fmf power up jet kit, powernow powerblades, and twin air filter which i had installed by a small atv and bike shop. i also had the valves checked, when i got it home i started it up and there was this very noticable clicking or tapping sound that sounds almost like an electrical spark. i started riding and i was expecting a nice power gain but the power was so flat and almost no powerband i was just wandering if they could have messed something up with the valves or the jet kit?