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  1. My 08 450 XC-F was lean from the factory. I backed out the A/F screw 1 1/2 turns out and that solved my problem. I would try adjusting the A/F screw first before you buy the JD Jet Kit. On the other hand, my 09 525 XC had throttle lag and adjusting the A/F screw didn't help any, so I installed the jet kit. While installing the kit, I noticed that the accelerator pump wasn't squirting (FCR carb). A thorough cleaning solved the issue. The 525 XC was brand new off the showroom floor with a clogged accelerator pump. The 450 XC-F was brand new also, but it didn't have the FCR carb with accelerator pump.
  2. NoJoy

    Ktm xcf 450

    I have a 2008 450 XC-F....DIRT BIKE! Absolutely love it. But are you asking about the 450 XC quad?
  3. NoJoy

    450r starting problems

    Mine wouldnt start either, after i added a +11 oz flywheel. Found that the contacts on the stator were contacting my flywheel (the new one was considerable thicker). Had to file down the solder beads on the stator. It fixed the starting issue, but now it doesnt start on the first few kicks unless I give it some throttle. Maybe check for rub marks on the backside of the flywheel or the stator contacts?
  4. NoJoy

    Acerbis 5 gallon tank (xr250)

    I found a 5.8 gal. Acerbis tank at justgastanks.com.