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    what r the best spark plugs to use?

    NGK CR 10E... as came w/ the bike. I just got another set and followed some of advice about jetting I found here and HOLLY CRAP!!! IT WORKS!!! I ve got a new bike now! I just whent for a burn thru the mountians, met up with some guys on sport touing bikes, and found they were holding me up thru some of the corners! I bet they didnt like that a dirt bike could keep up w/ them. how long do i have to go before i can tell if im running lean or rich? I just rode about 15kms and my plugs are still white as new. Im still curious if diffrent plugs make the bike run better or what.
  2. Ive got a DR 650 /03 w/ a jet kit and suppertrapp and Ive gone thru my plugs and now need new ones, im woundering if there are any beter plugs...