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  1. wjp

    Workshop/Service manual

    Hi, just got my new 09 KX250F this weekend - love it so far - much more powerfull than I thought it would be - it motor rips! (and I'm coming from a RMZ450) Anyhow does anyone have a PDF version of the serive manual they want to share or know where I can download it from? thanks
  2. wjp

    Hole in engine casing - what to do?

    I had a good look at the manual ., but it seems that I need some special tools to split the case, and also remove some of the bearings and seals. Anyone done this sort of thing without the special suziki tools? (ie with just normal garage tools)
  3. Hi there, 2 weekends ago I put a small hole in the right engine casing , the chain snapped and as it came off it gouged a small hole into the case, and when the engine is running oil leaks at a bad rate. I tried patching it up with jp weld and tried it out this weekend, it held for about 45 mins before it started leaking again. So, not sure what to do now, as I'm trying to avoid getting a new engine case and having to pay to get it replaced. It'll cost a lot of money I don't really have I saw this product : http://durafix.com/ but I'm worried that I'd need to heat the engine block up too much (to get the good weld) and do some other damage to something else in the block. Anyone got an ideas or know how I can fix this without replacing the case with a new one? Or am I going to have to bit the bullit and pay out? thanks
  4. wjp

    6 weeks since last start now won't fire any advice?

    well you could check you spark plug to make sure its not fouled up or anything. But other than that, just choke on, one little twist of the throttle, then kick it over (with NO throttle). Don't use the hot start. Should eventually start up - a bit of warmth would help rather than doing it in a very cold environment.
  5. wjp

    06 RMZ making a strange sound

    sounds like something is resonating - check all you bolts and make sure everything is done up tight. I had this on my old 250 2 smoke - it turned out to be one of the spring that held the exhaust (manifold) into the block/engine.
  6. 100 kg? !! that seems a lot. I'm only 80....
  7. wjp

    Hour meter? Tell me what you think about mounting....

    HI, I just took a quick photo with my phone : I stuck it on with the default sticky pad that come with the unit. Its not moved at all - I've got 66 hours on it and it get jet washed everytime.
  8. How do you split the case though? don't you need a specialist tool?
  9. wjp

    Quick recovery

    Something that I always do (aside from drinks LOTS of water and eat an apple/bannana and good meal with protien in the evening) is stretch-down/warm down. This makes a HUGE difference and it will remove all the latic acid from your muscles before they cool down. Otherwise it gets trapped and can take days to leave - making you feel tired and stiff. I don't do anything complicated - just stretch out my calves, and thighs and inner/outer thighs. THen just quicky stretch my arms and shoulders. This just takes 5 mins and if I forget it I really regret it.
  10. wjp

    Sandy/powder corners

    Yeah I really talking about a corner thats hard packed with a small berm of fine dusty soil thats built up around the outside line - its not sandy really, but enough to slip and side/bog you down/make me go slow!
  11. Hi, ok need some help again with my corners! At my local track at the moment, its very hard packed in general due to lack of rain. However on a couple of corners on the outside its very sandy/fine soil/pwder like. If I take in the inside line (on the hard pack ) I'm fine, however if I take the outside line sometimes I find my front wheel kniving/diving/sliding and I have to take immediate action. This means that I'm fairly slow with the outside line. However watching some of the other riders they can really blow through the outside line with lots of speed and flying sand/dust! How are they getting so much speed - whats the correct technique for corners like this? Thanks for any pointers!
  12. wjp

    Tight rutted corners

    Hi guys, well for me it was just not looking ahead far enough - once I started doing this I kept my line - thanks for all the suggestions!
  13. wjp

    Tight rutted corners

    I am seeking them out - hence the post.
  14. Hi, I'm having a little trouble with inner tight rutted corners. The tracks around where I live at the moment are bone dry , so these ruts are not faced off very well - more channels. Anyhow I set myself up coming into them making sure I'm in the good gear, sitting down just as I start in the corner, bike over, sitting on the corner of the sit, and keeping my outside elbow out. However I find that most of the time, as I start to accelerate out of the corner I climb out of the rut and go fairly wide. . Now I watched a couple of good riders out there, and they stay in the rut/channel and accelerate out no problem - so it seems something is definitely wrong with my technique. Anyone who knows about this have any idea what I could be doing wrong? Thanks.
  15. wjp

    How to split the case?

    Hi there, it getting to the time of year when its too hot to ride where I live and I fancy a bit more pool side time with a cool beer!! So to keep me out of trouble I thinking about giving my 450 an overhaul. Its on 36 hours, which isn't too much but I'd like to have a good look at everything. So I'm wondering how hard it is to split the case and inspect the bottom end. Has anyone done it here? What kind of tools would I need and how hard is it? What does it involve? thanks