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  1. swigger

    color on valve???

    is it a machine or just a tool that u can buy. i know one of my friends he has one becuase they rebuild carss and stuff. can i use it for my valves
  2. swigger

    color on valve???

    sending it off cost alot here in sweden.. i dont have the money.. so can any one maybe explain alittle bit how to do it..
  3. swigger

    color on valve???

    i need alittle help with my valve inspection i have no idea how good or bad valves look. in the manual they dont even list how to change the damn valves .. but i hope some of yall guys are alittle better than me.. yall can see in the pic that i took how they look but when i took the pic they look alittle diffrent but not that much. should i clean the black stuff off with liek a small skrew driver of will that damage the valves becuase i could get it off with just like breakcleaner? you can see the left exaust valve have couple small dotts on it is it ok??? [/url][/img]
  4. swigger

    new valves new springs?

    i have a question if im buying new valves for my crf250 2005 do i need new springs as well or can i just use the old ones that i have
  5. swigger

    Friggin Valves!!!

    yeah it starts when u pullstart it with a car.. but then if u turn it off u cant start it on the kick. they honda shop told me that all i need to do is buy new valves. but i mean the shims should work and i dont have that much hours on it either maybe 40 or 50
  6. swigger

    Friggin Valves!!!

    hey i have a problem that sounds the same but i reshimed my valves for the first time and the clearnce is correct on all the valves but my damn bike wont start on teh kickstart??? bu tthen when i pullstart it with a car it runns great its weird becuase when u have ran it 4 a while the engien is hot and stuff but then wehn it dies it still dont start on teh kick any one had this problem oh yeah u said ur chain tension wasnt right how du u adjust that?? itsnt it readjust atomaticlly
  7. swigger


    hey i was just woundering if any off you guys know where to buy new good cheap valves to a crf250 2005
  8. swigger

    Honda Shop????

    yeah i did they r right . hmm lets seee maybe 40 hours around there
  9. swigger

    Honda Shop????

    i have a start problem on my crf250 05 i just put new shims in my bike becuase the valve clearnce wasnt right but now every thing is right.. but it wont start on the kick?? so we pulled started it and it started running i ran it like 10 15 mins and it works fine and every thing,i couldnt feel any problems but then when every it dies i cant start it on the kick its wierd so i called the honda shop up and they told me that i have to buy new valves can that be my problem becuase they say u have to replace ur valves every 40 hours. it just seems wired why doesnt the shimming work? or could i have a other problem???
  10. swigger

    start problem???

    hey i just rejust my valves and now my bike wont start. it wouldnt start on the kick. so then we hucked it up to my car and pulled started it and then it started it. ran fine and stuff i couldnt hear or fill any problems... but then when u turn it off it wont start on the kick any one else had this problem??.. im thinking it could be the cam chain that i didnt put it on right but i checked the marks where it should be lined up and stuff and they are in the right place.. could it be somthing else????