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  1. buckets

    Skid plates

    well i coulndt under stand how to sen the picture but I have one to send sometime .
  2. buckets

    Skid plates

    I used the BPR ..billit racing products ,it went on easey and its sturdy and provides good coverage
  3. buckets

    Dirt Bike Television wants your videos

    can I see dirt bike tv on my tv? what channel are you on . yOU NEED TO GET VERSUS OR SOMETHING TO PICK YOU GUYS UP . sorry for the caps but Im not starting over .
  4. buckets

    Video of my track.

    The music and video work well together .
  5. buckets

    New pics of my bike

    The orange coloring in there is just right . Awesome looking bike .
  6. buckets

    Trials Folks are "OK!"

    In highly taxed New York state we have to register but they give us nothing for our money I tried to go on the NYS motor vehicals website and I get nothing but the run around . I wrote them an e mail and the gave me the run around There are no state trails That I know of to ride on I asked them to mail me trail maps and locations of trails ,or at least tell me what they are doing with our money . I have recieved no answers yet . NYS sucks ... tommorro I go to the DMV to register my street bike .Im gonna ask them for a phone number to call Im sure Ill get the run around on the phone too . The roads are shitty here too all our tax money goes to liberal causes that are generally killing this whole country No one speaks out for the working famliy man ....!! Just pay up SUCKER !
  7. buckets

    CRF250X vs WR250F

    just buy the honda and be done with it .
  8. buckets

    Place to ride in upstate NY

    our NYS senators SUCK
  9. buckets

    trails in upstate ny

    they charge us registration fees ..where are those going .they should be making us our own Hatfield and Mcoy like trail system damn nys liberals and their taxes . ny sucks .!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. buckets

    crf250x to slow

    this is a good article and I agree that the 250x is a trail bike and doesnt need alot of top speed .
  11. buckets

    newbie would like to brake in his 07 250x properly .

    Thank you guys for putting the time and energy into this tread . I really appreciate every singel one of you to write this stuff for us people who just dont know .
  12. buckets

    newbie would like to brake in his 07 250x properly .

    This is what I wanted you guys are so knolageable thank you thank you thank you .!!
  13. buckets

    newbie would like to brake in his 07 250x properly .

    Thank you guys very much for these sensible approach ideas .Im gonna wait a while ,cause its really cold now 16 degrees and snow .But the hard part is done I finally got the bike . I cant wait !!
  14. Hello every one .Im Larry from western New York . I am very happy to tell you all that I just took in a new 2007 crf 250 x ! Im thrilled .I ran it around in the inch or so of snow and ice we have now, and then put it in the garage . I would like to have people write back and tell me the best way to break in my new motor . Do you think I should take it to the dealer for its first 100 mile sevice ? Im 41 years old and am planning on using this as a woods / play bike . any advice will be apppreceated .
  15. buckets

    opinion Please on 2004 CRF250X

    Thank you guys Im considering the honda over the Kawasaki .I found a dealer in my area that is selling 06 and 07 s at d a much better price .