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  1. unfamousk

    Pit Bike Engines @ T Bolt USA

    do these all use the same mounting bolts? I recently got a pile of parts that used to be two working pit bikes, both SSRs, one with a 12/10" combo and a zongshen motor, the other with a 14/12" combo with a jialing. I prefer the larger bike ( i believe it to be an X3 from like 06'). I almost have the larger one back together, brakes, swingarm, wheels...etc. I was waiting on studs for the exhaust and a new copper seal and recieved them...but now im having a hard time getting the motor in....the mount bolts i have seem short/and impossible to get in because of the swingarm. Do i need to remove the swingarm to reinstall the motor? I feel like it is something really stupid i just cant see....o well will try again tonight after work.
  2. i found this very helpful thanks, also looking into a supermoto.....ive been on craiglist and autotrader type sites and i havent been seeing many drz either.....located in eastern/central PA
  3. unfamousk

    cheap tricks and tips

    I have an SSR x3.....im very happy with it and have gotten great help and support from outlawpowersports.com. .....who i bought the bike from...but what are some cheap/free tips or tricks to help the bike perform? be specific
  4. unfamousk

    klx 110 question

    Will the "mini racer" bars fit on a stock 110....or are upgraded triple clamps required? Was looking at BBR, ProTaper, Tag, and Renthal....any have opinions on these set ups? Thanks may be wrong forum..didnt know if i HAD to post in the KLX forum or not
  5. unfamousk

    Klx 110 Bar Question

    Will the "mini racer" bars fit on a stock 110....or are upgraded triple clamps required? Was looking at BBR, ProTaper, Tag, and Renthal....any have opinions on these set ups? Thanks
  6. unfamousk

    East PA

    Oh man i would love to go to Englishtown this weekend but i already have plans for the Freestyle Motox show in Shartlesville.... Any races next weekend?
  7. unfamousk

    East PA

    Where does everyone ride their pitbikes around south eastern PA. I live about a half hour outside of Reading. THe only tracks close i know of is Rousch Creek and Sleepy Holly. Also if anyone wants to plan some riding trips let me know ill help any way i can. THanks guys
  8. unfamousk

    2007 MiniMoto SX in Las Vegas!

    Next spring me and a few friends want to fly out to vegas for the Mini Sx...and if im not mistaken isnt the full size SX that weekend? I was just curious as to if a lot of people are planning this combined trip as well. It would be fun to get a lot of the pit bikers in the same hotel....
  9. unfamousk

    stator plate replacement

    thanks..i am borrowing a puller from a tech here at work and will give it a try tonight
  10. unfamousk

    stator plate replacement

    Will someone explain how to remove/replace a stator plate on a zongshen 125? thanks im a little lost
  11. unfamousk

    vegas mini sx

    thank you....what is the vendor turn out like at this thing?
  12. unfamousk

    vegas mini sx

    ANYONE have any info on it? I wanna go but cant find anything info on the next one...just reviews of 06
  13. unfamousk

    suspension help

    honestly i dont know what im doing with my stock shock...if anyone knows the shock that came on the x3 could you tell me how to adjust and what level of adjustment is common for adult riders.... i weigh 160 lbs and ride mostly motocross......
  14. unfamousk

    how to blow my money

    ????im confused
  15. unfamousk

    how to blow my money

    Even though I'm a broke 20 year old i still feel the need to drop some cash on my bike....its a SSR x3. I was looking at Michelin Starcross' for the front and rear, an iShock, new clutch cable (old one worn), new peg mount and pegs, new pipe (FMF?) , and maybe an oil cooler set up. Seem like a good way to blow some cash? So whats the most/least i should pay for all of this? Also what sprockets are everyone running on the china 125s?