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  1. gspy4u

    What am I doing with my Oil?

    Should only need about 1 ltr if no oil filter change. Otherwise it's overfull. If it keeps overflowing when you check it just drop the plug and let a little out. Run engine for a few minutes. Then turn it off, then check level. Should be at top of mark. Easiest way is just measure what you take out and then put that much back in. I've never been able to get more than 1 ltr without a filter change in mine.
  2. gspy4u

    any aussies?

    Ipswich QLD for me 06 WR450F 04 VFR800i
  3. gspy4u

    Anyone also ride a VFR?

    I have an 04 VFR 800Fi VTEC and love it to death. It's a great compromise between a tourer and a sports bike. I have no trouble at all keeping up with any of the sports bike my friends ride but the biggest thing is when we arrive at our rest stop, I just hope off feeling refreshed and comfortable while the crawl off there sports bikes with aching forearms. More than enough power, handles great and is also very very comfortable for touring if you want. And you gotta love that V4 rumble. It's like a small block chevy
  4. gspy4u

    has anyone shaved their seat foam?

    Did mine a few weeks ago. Got sick of the tippie toe shuffle I was doing. Used a saw blade and then a rasper to smooth it all out. Worked a treat. Could feel the rails a little (I thought) but after a few long rides both on and off road I didn't really have a sore backside. Still thinking about a Guts seat though at standard height but soft compound. Not sure if it will sag enough to feel as low as the cut one though. Just used a staple gun to refix the cover and it looks like oem.
  5. gspy4u

    other road bike

    VFR800Fi for me. Also have a DR200 and a GS500F for the miss's to play with