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  1. jnar

    08 450 XC-F Chopper Feel

    Thats crazy. A brand new bike that is supposed to be set up from the factory for a standard weight of 160-180lbs. Not even close. Don't get me started on the "ignition curve switch" wire from the factory! I do like the bike so far and absolutly love my friends 525, so I think if I can get this suspension fixed, I will be golden.
  2. jnar

    08 450 XC-F Chopper Feel

    After the first ride my rear sag is as follows: Static = 2" Rider 5" Stock spring seems to be at the the 3/4 mark ( From Dealer ) with 1/4 threads left to tighten spring preload. Seems like a light spring to be at the 3/4 mark brand new? Front seems awful stiff I did not measure the sag but it doesn't seem like much if any static sag and when I get on the bike the rear just pushes down. I think with the sag off in the rear it affects the front sag making it less. Also how do you adjust front fork spring preload? ( Danceswithtrees )
  3. jnar

    08 450 XC-F Chopper Feel

    Mine has 4.6 N/mm fronts and 69 N/mm rear. I am also 170lbs. What do you do to have them "in balance"? The rear does seem to drop more than anything I have ridden before, but the sag is in spec.
  4. jnar

    08 450 XC-F Chopper Feel

    That is what I think, but my concern is it is set to 1.5in static sag. My friends is only about 1/2-3/4in and it feels "right" in the front end. My forks are also flush in the top clamp and I was thinking about lowering them a bit. Would it be an issue if I cranked the spring down to 3/4in static sag? How much should I start with if I were to lower the front forks?
  5. I just took delivery on this bike and rode this weekend. I did all of the standard setup and checks with getting a new bike. I set the sag for my weight ( 170lbs ). Actually it was okay already for my weight. The problem is the bike feels very light and skatey in the front end. It was confirmed by another rider. My question is are the new KTM's all like this? Should I crank down the the rear spring past the static sag recommendation? Drop the front forks a little? My friends 04 KTM 525sx seems perfect with the front end very solid. What do I need to do to fix this?
  6. I have a 99 YZ400 that was running great in the spring and it sat for 6 weeks. The last ride the bike would not idle and backfired when the throttle was chopped. I am guessing a partially clogged pilot jet but wanted to know if Tommyyzf369 had a resolution to his problem?
  7. jnar

    2007 YZ450F Pic???

    My Guess is no go on the EFI for '07. Japan is already racing the 07's and only Suzuki has EFI. But we will have to wait unitl June to know for sure.