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  1. nope are you serious yamaha had to recall there VALVES nows who valves are better
  2. this is THUMPERTALK meanin 4 strokes so i think your ganna get the same reaction out of everyone go with the thmper
  3. pipes are a waist of money unless you can ride your bike to its full ability......send your sus. to race tech
  4. well ovisouly wyomin is at the bottom im from colorado and i thought we were preety fast
  5. soak them in simple green let them sit power wash them.....thats my drill
  6. in your guys opinion if u could make a list who do you think is the fastest state? ovisouly cali. and flordia but what would come next cause ive been takin like 5-15th down in colorado and i can win c class easy and compete in b like top 5 in wyoming
  7. wow that track looks very fun......hahahahah
  8. yeah i thought so
  9. if you had a japenese bike like a HONdA with a much strnoger fram this might not have happened
  10. is it just my 2006 crf250 or is the hole on the left pipe bigger then on the right go take a look real quick???
  11. hahahahahah ktm more reliable then a honda get a grip bro ktm hasnt got a aluminum frame they need to move into the 21st cen.
  12. it must be hard to ride deaf i hate it when ur racing and ur in the pack and you cant here ur bike revvvvv
  13. YES its your valves
  14. I rode a 150 and omg it is so much fun i would want to get one but im a little big
  15. yeah i get really tired riden my 450 but in the 250f class i dont get tired at all