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  1. bigdrtrdr

    Gear lever protector...

    This would be a nice piece to be able to order in the US
  2. bigdrtrdr

    Occupy Walker!

    I couldn't have said it better, Its always been like this in the "Real World" Thank you for being a teacher, Your job is under appreciated AND underpaid. BUT you don't have to deal with all the other shit that you mentioned anymore. As a teacher you have one of the most secure jobs around and you deserve it.
  3. bigdrtrdr

    Occupy Walker!

    Ride, I have 4 cop friends and 3 firefighter friends, Risks aside, they all agree with me. Their job security is the best there is. I appreciate what they do, but they don't get the risks of self employment or when a big factory closes like Kimberly Clark is about to do in Everett. I have a riding buddy who works there and got his layoff notice last week. You took my simple statement and made it something that its not. "My wife is good at that"
  4. bigdrtrdr

    Occupy Walker!

    I agree with you completely about our Vets, They deserve better. Teachers, Firefighters and Cops dont have a clue what a real jobs is. The odds of them being fired or laid off is about Zero. Unless they really **** up. They ride on the taxpayers coat tails.
  5. bigdrtrdr

    Occupy Walker!

    Well said OMT, My 20 year old son made the comment to me the other day about the Occupiers...."I bet there isn't a 600 plus credit rating in the bunch" These people are mostly losers living off the nipple of the USA. Or they spent a couple hundred thousand in student loans studying liberal arts. Good luck paying those back.
  6. bigdrtrdr

    Buddy bikes

    I kept my 87 YZ490 around to keep my friends from wanting to ride. One spin on that abortion of a bike was enough for them. Hahahahah!
  7. bigdrtrdr

    Indoor flat track?

  8. bigdrtrdr

    Indoor flat track?

    What doesn't look promising? This is the flat track promoter for Monroe. Personally I wouldn't give this guy a nickle of my money....But Lee Collins is the promoter.
  9. bigdrtrdr

    Indoor flat track?

  10. bigdrtrdr

    anyone priced having a wheel laced lately?

    Keep an eye on the spokes for the first few rides. as the spokes set in. Eric
  11. bigdrtrdr

    anyone priced having a wheel laced lately?

    http://www.prowheelracing.com/ Good people, That make Warp 9s wheels. May as well by direct from the source.
  12. bigdrtrdr

    anyone priced having a wheel laced lately?

    Warp 9 wheels come from Pro Wheel Racing in granite Falls. FYI
  13. bigdrtrdr

    Gopro edit of Belfair

    Rap Shit to you?? Not to others... I can turn down the volume...can you? without judging?
  14. bigdrtrdr

    ORV Park common sense?

    FYI....there have been "One Way" trails at Walker in the past.
  15. bigdrtrdr

    are old cars emissions exempt in WA?

    25 years and older = no emissions test.