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  1. mmmotorcycle

    JD jetkit question

    Where is the Pilot Jet on a FCR39 (2001 DRZ400 (K)). The JD kit instructions says its next to the main jet through the float bowl drain plug. I'll try and get a pic, but it isn't there and Keihin's diagrams don't seem to show my carb?!? Also, I went to replace the fuel screw and it wont come out? Is there another step to get it out? It moves and seats when tightened but just spins at the end when unscrewed. Mike
  2. mmmotorcycle

    The Single Best DRZ 400 Headlight Upgrade

    No issues so far, but only have about 2 hours of off road on it. Without looking at the bulb, Im guessing it was 55w. Shipping out to Colorado for the summer and just rejetted using the JD kit. Won't start now. Another topic for another thread.
  3. mmmotorcycle

    The Single Best DRZ 400 Headlight Upgrade

    Thought I would add my .02 I have a 2001 DRZ400 (kick only, no battery) with a single filament 55watt bulb. I removed the wiring from the KLX style headlight and a H7 bulb fit right in. I put an "O"ring over the top and safety wired it in to make sure it doesn't come out. Used an H7 wiring pigtail to connect to the wiring harness on the bike. crappy camera phone pic....and a quick note, the Acerbis SM "white" does not match
  4. mmmotorcycle

    The Single Best DRZ 400 Headlight Upgrade

    Anyone have pics of how they installed this piece on the bike. The bottom straps are useless, and I read some have made a bracket for the bottom mount....Im looking for some ideas.
  5. mmmotorcycle

    2001 DRZ400 rebuild questions

    I have a DRZ400 (kickstart only, but Im not sure they called it the"K" in 2001?) with cartridge style forks. My service manual is for the DRZ400/E/K not the "S/SM", so I am a little confused as to why the "S" specs were in my manual.... I appreciate the help. Steering head bearings and races went on today (not easily, but the went on), new fork springs/oil, chain/sprockets, bar risers/ 1-1/8 bars, LED brake/taillight. Just waiting on shims for the valves and an MCCT so I can get this all back together. Really enjoying the rebuild. Thanks Mike
  6. mmmotorcycle

    2001 DRZ400 rebuild questions

    So I am the third owner and the PO did not have maintenance history from 1st owner. I wanted a baseline to start with so she is town down. Valves are within spec with the rear right intake at .102mm The manual calls for 9.48mm shims. Local shop had 9.5mm shims. I know the differnce is small but are they considered the same? Front fork springs are 510mm long (unknown what spring rate) and oil was at 110mm. This contradicts my service manual but seems to be what Im seeing in some tutorials and YouTube ??? Im sure Ill hav more questions as I go along. Thanks Michael Michael Motorcycle
  7. mmmotorcycle

    Wisconsin Ride4Research-Wabeno,WI

    Bring some friends for a good cause! This is a great event in the north woods of Wisconsin. This is A dual sport event, bikes must be street legal. http://www.widualsportriders.org/v3/reg/1/start.asp
  8. What did the remap cost and what settings did they use? Did they Dyno it when they did it? Im waiting for my '10 to come in and will have FMF Q4, FMF PowerBomb header and airbox mod.
  9. mmmotorcycle

    what's the most comfortabe seat/seat mod for DRZ400

    I saw the post about the KLR650 swap. Anyone know if a DR650 saddle can be modified to fit the DRZ?
  10. mmmotorcycle

    '05 XT225 front tire?

    Helping a friend but some tires for his XT225. What the heck does a 2.75-21 convert to? My calculations show approximately 70mm?? Pirelli MT21's don't come in that size, anyone running an 80/90P-21 or 90/90R21 on their XT? Thanks Mike
  11. mmmotorcycle

    TW200 - a testimonial

    Shift1313, We have the same problem with our '04. What was the "correct" setting and any pictures of the fix?? Thanks Mike
  12. mmmotorcycle

    Cops on the Z??

    The Diesel KLR650's have been around the military for years. The company that does the conversion (name escapes me) is now offering them to the public, but if I recall it was quite expensive!!
  13. mmmotorcycle

    Ride 4 Research Wabeno, WI

    Anyone from Illinois headed up this year? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=613555 I have room for 1 bike/rider if you want to join us. Send me a PM if you're interested. We will be leaving Friday morning about 7:00am, camping at the fairgrounds, returning Monday morning. Leaving from the Batavia area (north of Aurora,IL) Great ride for a great cause. Michael, Michael Motorcycle
  14. mmmotorcycle

    Need advise on a truck pop up camper

    I went and looked at the 6x12 on Wednesday...POS! Three years old the bottom was completely rusted, he had already repainted the frame, missing screws and rivets. I did like the size of the 6x12 though...the search continues. Thanks for the info.
  15. MMMOTORCYCLE = Michael, Michael Motorcycle...nickname since about 6 years old when I put the playing card in the spokes of my bike. (If anyone knows how to do Michael (to the 2nd power/squared) let me know