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  1. mike_dean

    Neutec Tubliss Motorcycle Tire System

    8 psi frt, 6 psi rear, never a flat, great traction.
  2. mike_dean

    Rekluse EXP Core 3.0 auto-clutch

    Love it for offroad
  3. mike_dean

    KTM 350 XCF-W (2017)


    Great smooth engine, love the electric start, and light weight.
  4. mike_dean

    KTM 350 XCF-W 2017

    Great smooth engine, love the electric start, and light weight.
  5. mike_dean

    2016-2018 350sxf reliability?

    I have seen 2 350 xc-f's melt the plastic breather inside the intake camshaft which then drips into and plugs the oil passage. Both bikes were running enduros and got hot. I put a cooling fan on mine. My '17 has 50 hrs with no problems, Enduros and Hare Scrambles, and some MX riding by an old slow guy.
  6. Thank you, I just ordered one.
  7. Who makes a battery with much more cranking power?
  8. I have a Rekluse in my 17 and turns out it was the problem with my flame out. I installed the Rekluse with the stiffest springs they sent me as recommended by the instructions and set the idle to just not drag in gear at idle. Stalled or flamed out on me all the time, found out the idle needs to be 2300 or more. with the 3 blue and 3 red springs the idle was 2100, switched to 6 blue springs, (only got 3 blue in the kit) and made the idle to 2300. 2300 rpm sounds high when idling so don't trust your ear put a tach on it. With or without a Rekluse the idle needs to be 2300 rpm +. I have done 2 Midwest Enduros, 2 GP's, 1 Hare Scramble since and no flame outs, normally it would die every event 2-3 times. While I'm here, I need the bike to start faster for dead engine starts, has anyone cured this problem?
  9. mike_dean

    Freeride 250 2017

    What is everone using for oil, ratio, and jetting on a 2017 Freeride 250, It's 40 degrees here and my daughters brand new bike runs terrible.
  10. I'm old school, been using cv axle grease since 1969, never had an air filter cause a problem.
  11. mike_dean

    YZ426 oil filters

    I use the Hi Flo filters , have the HF141 and HF142 in front of me now, I have a '00 YZ426 and an '06 YZ450. The HF141 looks like red paper, the HF142 looks like very fine brass mesh, the gasket on the hole end of the HF141 is larger than the HF142, otherwise all the same dimensions.
  12. mike_dean

    Ktm xcw exc 500 valve check

    2 turns out and then 2 turns back, pretty simple, do it often
  13. mike_dean

    '00 YZ426 Clutch Rod

    The '00 yz426 clutch rod is not avail. anymore, mine was mushroomed over and worn at the lever end so I was using up all my cable adjustment and the lever at the case was binding. I found that if I installed a YZ250 valve adjustment shim in the pressure plate lifter I could fine tune the worn end perfectly, I ended up using a 1.50 shim.
  14. mike_dean

    Ktm xcw exc 500 valve check

    If you have the EXP you can back off the allen screw 2 turns on the adjustable slave cylinder that comes with the kit and push start, turn over the engine with the wheel, or anything a std clutch will do. I carry an allen wrench in my bar pad.
  15. mike_dean

    ISO YZ426f Catastrophic failure help

    You are right about oem cyl. A friend rebuilt an '03 yz250f and got a new cyl for $251