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  1. Thanks to everyone with the ideas. With Noble's help we determined it was the stator. If I disconnect the stator from the RR it starts right up. Noble says it's shorted to the CDI and preventing it from starting. Thanks to all!
  2. Thanks Noble. That is what I thought. Been trying to find out why it would not start for for weeks. It starts when not connected, but does not when connected. Thank you. Time to order one. One more thing. This is the 3rd or 4th stator. The one is there is OEM. It tried 2 Moose both of which failed with in 2 years. Is OEm the more reliable one? Or something else. Ricky's? 66k on bike now.
  3. See picture and see if I am on the right path. From the FAQ 3) Low voltage - start by checking the stator coils. Unplug the single plug with 3 yellow wires from the RR. Engine off: On the stator side of the plug, check each yellow to ground. No continuity is good, any continuity is bad. Now check wire to wire: Y1 to Y2, Y2 to Y3, and Y3 to Y1. You should see about .5 ohm resistance. Any open is bad, any continuity is good. If I am checking for continuity to ground and if good, there should be none, correct? On mine, all 3 have connectivity to ground testing Y1 ->Y2, Y1->Y3, Y3->Y2 should have .5 ohms. Mine does. I'm asking to make sure I'm doing test correctly. I changed it 5 years ago but can't remember. Is the stator bad? Bike will not start. Battery is charged. I used a charger.
  4. It's a few years old but has 12.9 volts no load and 11.11 cranking engine.
  5. Starting fluid did not work. It does not start. Plug seems to be wet when trying with gas only.. What do you do for a weak spark? Check stator and CDI?
  6. Vacuum hose connected?
  7. When the picture was taken it wasn't. Boot is on correctly now and snugged down. Same results with air filter removed. Nothing. I'll have to wait until I get some help pushing. I live in Kansas there are not many hills around my house......
  8. Did not check compression. I do not have a tester. It was running when I pulled it in garage. No signs of water in fuel. I'll do the remove air filter test as you describe and let you know. Thanks for the help.
  9. Yes I see a spark leaving one in the engine and holding another up to case. It sparks.
  10. It's 12.84 after cranking.
  11. Vacuum line is attached. It's a brand new plug. Checked the flow from the carb it's flows freely and is clear. No dirt. The voltage at the battery while cranking the engine is 11.11 volts.
  12. 12.92 volts. Back together.
  13. Thanks. I've been trying to get this bike to run for 2 week and have been moving and checking lots of things. So not running and not back together. I am now at a loss on what to check next. It will not start. I've replaced spark plug and checked for spark. I've check valve adjustment and they have not changed in 6 years. I removed carb and blew out each jet and replaced. The carb looks brand new inside. No gunk. I got a face full of gas from the pump while checking. It works. Bike turns over but will not start. I've tried with choke and not. Blipping the throttle while turning over until I smell gas. Nothing. Nothing new added or changed. The last 2 times I rode it it was hard to start. Hot and cold. I rode it home and now it will not start. Any ideas on what to check next?
  14. Yes gas flows from petcock. This screw correct?
  15. Short of taking it off and doing it, is there a way to check if fuel is in bowl of a fcr MX 39? Like a drain plug/screw? I see a spring loaded screw at very bottom. I want to verify that the fuel is getting into carb. Bike is not starting. Thanks Steve