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  1. duski

    drz400 wont start

    yeah i have batt on charge now,i have the carb out 'again'and it looks brand new all the jetts are clean unless im missing something that can be stuck but spark plug seems to be getting gas to it maybe just not enough.
  2. duski

    drz400 wont start

    i took out the plug and it turned over freely, do you think it can be a jetting problem?
  3. duski

    drz400 wont start

    Hey guys, i have a 02 drz400,very low miles on it.i let it sit for a while and now it just wont start i cleaned out the carb new spark plug new yosh pipe.its getting gas to the spark plug but no turn over only when i shoot some starter fluid in it fired up but made a loud crack from the engine so i stopped lol im not the best mech but also broke so any advice would be great. i wanna ride!
  4. duski

    drz400 exaust ?

    thanks for the tips guys,i was thinking of the yosh, how loud is it with the full pipe.and do you think i would need to re-jett?
  5. duski

    drz400 exaust ?

    ive had my drz400 for 2 yrs now, still love it. i bought the supertrap exaust for it and it, didint like it at all..anyone have the dr with a exaust they were impressed with please tell me so i dont waste another 500$$$$$.