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  1. sacjoe

    allitude chart (sp)

    going riding sunday any help should i try a 370 main
  2. sacjoe

    allitude chart (sp)

    current jetting main 380 piolet 27.5 needle 2 from top ran perfect at sea level want jetting for 3000 feet at 60 deg thanks joe
  3. sacjoe

    allitude chart (sp)

    i will pull the carb off tonight
  4. sacjoe

    allitude chart (sp)

    any help anybody? thanks joe
  5. yea i know my spelling sucks but what can i say i can wrench... was just at pismo on my 01 cr 250 thats at sea level and the bike ran great now i come back to sacramento and i cant get it jeeted worh a dahm again.is there like a general rule to haw many main jet sizes to go down for a certain alltidue hight? i would like to bring it to sand mountain and not be running rich and fouling plugs thanks joe