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  1. one more ? where did u get those graphics those are bad ass i was thinking about buying the black ones from the shop but dont know
  2. aw thank u u r my hero ive been looking for those and now i found them thank u alot
  3. yeah im looking to get a dual pipe also but no one that i like makes them i would be so happy i whitebrothers made a carbon pro-dual for the ktm5252 but nope!!
  4. i like the ktm frame better i think is helps set the ktm apart from the rest
  5. i like the ktm frame better i think is helps set the ktm apart from the rest
  6. do u have a website or a number so i can call because im realy gonna look in to it
  7. for real i mean its a ktm 525 what more do u want
  8. dam im looking for a 06 0r 07 525sx plus going to get the six gears das a good deal and yeah im 175 lb!!! and want to go fast already own a cr500 so y not a 525 and i live about 7 hours away
  9. i have an 04 cr frame with my all racing cr500 engine in it" brand new" it has taken 7 months and still counting to get the bike done "one mechanic" but i have put every thing on it from a two map cdi to a high compression piston all worth it
  10. but is the 07 worth the extra$ ,i want the 07 but dont wana wait what to do?
  11. i live about 3 hours away from gorman
  12. How About The Pro Circuit Ti4 Pipe Is Tahat A Good One, I Want A Deep Rumble Or I Might Go For The Big Gun Theyt Say 3.5 More Hp Maby-maby Not
  13. do these things work and how
  14. dam that sucks how fast he is i would of never thought that he could of crashed