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  1. I have had a few bikes shipped to me from Motosport Hillsboro in Oregon. Some dealers don't want to deal with the hassle but their sales manager has been easy to deal with. Oregon has no sales tax so paying them to ship the bike ends up cheaper than paying sales tax in state.
  2. Rusty frame!!! Sorry I just have to disagree with anything Honda Flower says.
  3. Sure. You got me. It looks okay. I'm gonna bolt up a disc on the right side of my hub now. Maybe one on my number plate as well
  4. Let's leave those worms in the can haha
  5. Lame
  6. Good point. AMA requires oem frames. We have yet to see a mx/sx bike break in half.
  7. I don't think that expensive tools are always the way to go but I would recommend snap on for your torque wrench.
  8. Agreed. These bikes aren't made to be indestructible. But if you look at how that frame broke it is obvious that the y piece broke first.
  9. That is a two stroke ingine in a modified kx-f frame. You can't blame the manufacturer when you have cut up and welded up their frame.
  10. If fou need a different size from oem they should do the trick. Otherwise I don't really see the point.
  11. Rimlocks exist for a reason. That is absolutely the reason your tubes are ripping.
  12. Having your suspension revalved and properly set up is the best money you will spend on your bike ever.
  13. Please explain where the reeds are in a WR250F.
  14. You haven't heard?! Dollar stores sell 6 speed transmissions for Cr125! Best part, you guessed it, only a dollar.
  15. A lot of it has to do with crankshaft acceleration and deceleration. A single cylinder dirt bike engine vs a inline 4 has a lot more crankshaft acceleration and deceleration as it is running. I know this is a weird concept but if an engine is running at 7k rpm the crankshaft is not spinning a steady 7k rpm. In a single cylinder engine you have a combustion event of approximately 180 degrees of rotation. During this time the crankshaft is accelerating. During the remaining 540 degrees the crankshaft is actually decelerating. In an inline 4 engine there is always a cylinder with a combustion event taking place. This leads to much less variance in crankshaft acceleration and deceleration and less combustion force on the pistons themselves. So the top ends last longer. Sport bike bottom ends use plain bearings, dirt bikes use ball bearings, nuff said.