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  1. Lokke

    What bike will fit me?

    Thanks! I was looking to get a used, 2-3 year old model, do you know if there has there been any big changes? What to lookout for if you buy a used one?
  2. Lokke

    What bike will fit me?

    Thanks for the answers. So noone is rekommending a KTM, so far?
  3. Hi! I'm new to this forum and I would like to hear if any of you guys could rekommend a bike that would suite me best. I'm 190cm (6'4"?) and about 97kg (215lbs). I've have had a yamaha xt600, Suzuki DR650SE and a couple of street bikes. Now I have a TM 125E and ride mostly on MX tracks with it. But I miss the grunt from a 4-stroker, and was aiming for a KTM 450EXC, Honda CRF450, also looking at a 250 4-stroke. I actually like the 125 stroker for it's easy handling but wouldn't mind shifting a little less.. I'm only riding to get excercise and having fun, and not planing on breaking any laptimes....yet. My main concern is to find a bike that will fit my length and weight. So if you have any recomendations, or know of some bikes that are not suitable, I would appreciate it. Thanks.