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  1. Hello my friend has a 2008ish Yamaha Raptor 350 quad. Battery is a YTZ10S. Its about 6" wide, 3.5 tall and 3.5 deep. We went to walmart last night and they dont have the correct size. Shes been on the phone and computer looking around this morning. All she can find is the $70 option from dealers i think. Hoping there is a cheaper option? They rarely use this quad. I try to put a battery tender on it a couple times a year. I probably should have disconnected it, but i didnt. Located in socal does anyone have advice on where to score cheap batteries that fit this quad? Thanks for any advice. I think its a 9AH battery. There is a metal strap that holds the battery down. So the height is the only somewhat critical dimension. If we have to ditch the strap thats fine too. Battery aint going nowhere and its just kids cruising the quads around.
  2. Very cool. Im confused on piston sizing. They offer 4 sizes but it really doesnt matter?
  3. Youre extremely helpful thanks YzDoc. Vertex piston from Motosport gives you a choice of A or B size. Partshark is much cheaper but does not list size. Only one choice. Maybe i should call them. ----------------------------- Checking out my cases last night. Several of my motor bearings are quite notchy feeling. What a bummer i think i need a special bearing puller for some of them because you cant tap from behind.
  4. I measured my cylinder bore but confused how i determine what piston size to buy. I used a dial bore indicator, but only had a set of calipers to set the indicator. My taper is well within spec and the bore is right at 2.6145, assuming my calipers are accurate. Years ago i could have sworn i bought a "b" piston. Is it stamped somewhere?
  5. I emailed the local MX shop. Asked if they offer service to rivet my clutch. Told them i tried with a sledge and it didnt help. He wrote back saying a tiny bit of play between the gear and clutch basket is normal. That seem right?
  6. Yes i split the cases last week and posted a video in this thread. 4th gear has a broken tooth. The C10 shift fork has the witness marks you taught me about. Clutch basket has a little bit of wiggle at the main gear.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone and thanks a bunch for the offer YZ Doc. I bought the case splitter and crank puller tool. So i will finish the job. Just need to decide if buying the complete used trans is the way to go. How much are you selling yours for YZ Doc? Still in Cali? Might be able to save on shipping im currently over in Clemente.
  8. Thanks amigo!! Not sure what the heck to do. Its a lot of money going towards an older bike.
  9. Hello again everyone!! Finally split the cases last night. I found a broken tooth on a transmission gear. Also a small bit of wear on a shift fork. I wonder is this is a "witness mark" that was mentioned earlier. Trying to put together a shopping list, but im not positive about what should be replaced. 1. Clutch Hub is loose---I tried to peen it tight months ago, that didnt work. Should i trust a used basket on Ebay? (new is almost $200 just for the basket) 2. Broken Tooth on Gear--Hoping the gear is easily replaceable. It looks to cost $72. I think its a 4th gear. Wondering if complete used trans on Ebay would be better? 3. Bike does not shift well between 2nd and 3rd gears. Will post up pictures of the wear i found on Shift Fork. There is not much wear, i was expecting for something to really stand out as completely bent and jacked up. 4. (slightly unrelated) I should rebuild the top end. What do most people like, Stock Yamaha piston or aftermarket?
  10. Ive never peened anything before. You simply get a punch with a small tip, and give 1 big hard smack with a hammer? I can see the punch marks on the rivets. Will try to find a punch with similar tip size.
  11. I should have included more Clutch basket noise. Happens at 26 seconds really quick.
  12. Thanks for the offer. Looks like 4.5 months left and youre Audi 500!! (out of cali) Took video earlier heres a short version. The shift cam keeps getting more rough around first and second. Maybe as oil drips off the parts the possible bent fork is showing itself more? With the clutch i rotate the basket and gear to hear the free play. There is also play in the other direction where the backing plate separates away from the basket. That is the play i felt when the basket was installed on the bike. Had more leverage wiggle in that direction.
  13. Whoops i meant "case splitter tool"
  14. Thanks everyone, i will get some pictures. Yes im the original owner since 2003. Hard to estimate hours. Over the course of 16 years maybe i rode a few hours per month on average. 1. Is it even possible to re-rivet a clutch basket? Asking around and nobody seems to know. Looking online the rivets are Not sold separately. I found a few threads where some people try to peen the loose rivets tight. Not sure i want to even try that for a bike i will ride solo out into some gnarly single track. (high dez california) 2. Any recommendation on a clutch splitter tool? Or maybe i can build my own with threaded rod and a tap? (problem came at a bad time, money is tight and have a camping trip coming up Feb25)