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  1. swede121

    rebuild topend

    thanks for all the answers but does any one have a website to this placeses yall send them off too?
  2. swede121

    rebuild topend

    i need to know where a good place where i can send off my topend to get new valves and the seating recut? i leave in texas
  3. swede121

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    hahhah this is the most fun i had today.. hahah well its alot quicker to use u instead of you and ur instead of your. its called aol talk lol hahhahahha
  4. swede121

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    wwwaaa waaaa waaa hahah yall are a ****ing joke.. getting mad over somthing like this. have som humor.. hmm if i ddint own a bike &%$#@! should i be in this forum.. i agree this forum sucks no one have a sence of humor... honda dooooo suck and i own one so dont tell me i dont know if they are good or not...... every one doo not buy a crappy honda i can only speak for the cfr250 05... but the onther ones im sure are better because teh 4 stroke sucksssss.. Peace
  5. swede121

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    hahaha well becuase my grammer isnt very good becuase im not english speaker that could be the problem.. but im just saying dont buy a honda crf250 becuase they are veryyyyyyy high maintenace wait a few years and maybe the engien is more anvanced and wont brake as easy.. i have one u damn idiot and i do take care of my bike i change the oil and fillter after every ride.. but still my crf250 valves started do change and when u start to shim them they will always keep moving so u have to check teh valves every ride just to make sure they are in good. and thats a pain in the ass or at least i think soo.. u can start just by reading all the problems with the crf250 on this forum and god ddamn theres alot of threads on here about they have problems.. awww did u get sad that i siad that honda sucks poor guy.. well here a kiss for me to u i hope u feel better now. lets face it you just a guy who trying to fit in ahhaha &%$#@! is that.. is that the best u can do losssser...
  6. swede121

    Should I wait for 2007?

    just wait till all the problems when they start coming, then u dont want a honda i got a crf250 05 and its the worst bike i ever had
  7. swede121

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    sell ur crf and get a ktm or yamaha. the crf are high maintenace and they brake down alot just take a look on this forum all u read is my bike wont start, my bike is broken. my valves are not right... u will save alot of time mooney if u gett a better brand like ktm yamaha i dont know about kaw or suz but i bet the valves on those bike are alot better then crf250
  8. swede121

    ?????Need some help???

    i have the same problem with mine and its a crf250 05.. and i dont know what to do..
  9. swede121

    color on valve???

    im going texas but i heard that mxtimes are really good to.
  10. swede121

    color on valve???

    well i live in sweden but i am going to usa 1 of june.. im thinking about taking with me my hole topend and sending it off in the usa its alot cheaper there that here. where is a good place to send it off. to get ur valves change and springs and recut the seats?
  11. i have the same problem with mine and i dont know what to do my vavles are correct and everything but it wont start on the kick but if we pull start it will start fine and run great.. honda are a good bike but damn they are high high maintenance just like a good looking women
  12. swede121

    color on valve???

    yeha man i reshimed it like 5 times trying diffrent shims when is its hard to start is it the intake valves or the exhuast valves
  13. swede121

    color on valve???

    thats a problem i cant. the resen i took it off is becuase it wont start on the kick so somthign is f up. it runns fine when u pull start it behind a car but then when it dies it cant start on the kick.. wierrd.
  14. swede121

    color on valve???

    man thats a hard question i maybe 40 or 50 hours not more.. to get the valves out can u use just like a tool or do u have have a valve compressor? i used to like in texas last year then i moved back but i am flying to usa 1 of june so im thinking about bringing the hole topend with me.. do u know any good cheap company that replace teh valves and springs and all.?