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  1. tvr500

    should i be scared?

    thanks for the help you have put me a rest im going out to ride the thing now cheers all
  2. tvr500

    should i be scared?

    sorry whats looping?
  3. tvr500

    should i be scared?

    whats the power band like does the front come up or not? Thanks for your replys
  4. hi ive owned a zxr750 for a year and now iv bought a rm 250 1991 to play on but havent riden it yet as i picked it up to day and it was dark when i got back. but how do 2 strokes compare to 4s as im new to 2s are they fast will i flip it if im to hot on the gas , have you any tips on how to ride these bike sorry this must seem wus but iv never riden on one of these before what are they like thanks michael