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  1. rennat_2006

    Broke main jet in half.

    needle jet goes down thru the carb thru the emulsion tube and then into the main jet.
  2. rennat_2006

    Broke main jet in half.

    main jet screws into the emulsion tube which is replaceable, no big deal and nothing to lose sleep about!
  3. rennat_2006

    2002 Crf450r no spark

    Heres what ive got for wiring that i need to clear up... Coming out of stator- 2 small yellows Blue Blue with yellow stripe white with green stripe white Coming out of the harness next to the throttle position sensor plug- blue with yellow blue green white Then going to what i believe is a voltage regulator i have 1 brown and 1 yellow. The brown wire coming out of the voltage regulator ends up going over to the coil and it has a small yellow wire spliced into the side of it with a connector on it which im assuming is where one of my yellow wires out of the stator is supposed to go.
  4. rennat_2006

    2002 Crf450r no spark

    Anybody?!?! Hoping to go riding tomorrow with it so i need to get it fixed today. Can someone tell me what wires should go where out of the stator just to make it run, Im thinking if i disconnect all of my light wires i can deal with hooking them back up later as i trace them back.
  5. rennat_2006

    2002 Crf450r no spark

    So i just traded my yz250f for this 2002 Honda Cr450f that is street legal(all of the necessary lights, horn, etc). I rode it around a little bit and it wouldnt idle, Kinda surged at light cruising speeds, and popped bad on decelleration. It has a slipon white bros pipe on it so i expected that the past owner didnt rejet and that was my idle and surge problem. So i tore the carb off of it and found it had a 45 pilot jet in it and switched it out to a 48 set at 1 1/4 turns out. Put it all back together and try to get it to fire up just to kill myself kicking on the thing :foul:Took the fuel tank off and pulled the spark plug out to find that it has no spark. Tried a br9es spark plug i had laying in the garage in the spark plug boot and grounded it to the frame and i still had nothing, Disconected the kill switch and still had nothing. This bike is a cr450f R model that it appears the past owner outfitted with lights, Next to the carb off of the stator wire it had a loom with about 6 wires in it that all had those little quick connect round connectors on them. I had 1 wire pull out of a butt connector and i got it put back together and disconected the rest of them for some extra room fighting removing the carb. Can someone tell me the wiring diagram for this bike and what should be connected where? It started and ran before i tore the carb off so im pretty sure it is something ive done to it and with the rats nest of wiring its difficult to figure out whats what without the factory owners manual or anything. Thanks
  6. rennat_2006

    Skidplate for a 2003 Yz250F

    probably what ill end up with but id still like to see others if anyone is running them. Thanks Chris!
  7. Im looking into getting a skidplate for my 2003 Yz250F. I'd like to get one that covers the whole underside of the engine and frame, not just one that sits in between the frame rails. I'd also like one that goes around the sides of the engine a little bit also. What are others running and do you have pictures? Can someone give me the specs on the thumpertalk skidplate sold through this website? Does it cover the frame rails and sides also or just between the frame rails? Thanks alot
  8. rennat_2006

    Lets See Your yz250f Graphics

    Im definetely happy with them. Wow those side number panel decals were a pita though!
  9. rennat_2006

    Removing adhesive from number plates...

    I used paint thinner from walmart on all of my plastics last night to remove the old graphics adhesive, I had to scrub on them a little bit but it took it off without hurting the plastics.
  10. rennat_2006

    Lets See Your yz250f Graphics

    Got them and installed them yesterday!
  11. rennat_2006

    what kind of muffler is this?

    Great, Thanks guys! Whats left of the sticker kinda looks like an Answer sticker not a fmf so it threw me. Well im glad its a good brand, not bad for $81 bucks!
  12. Can anyone help me out by telling me what kind of silencer this is?
  13. rennat_2006

    Lets See Your yz250f Graphics

    I sure will
  14. rennat_2006

    Lets See Your yz250f Graphics

    I will definetely do that, Should be here Monday!
  15. rennat_2006

    Lets See Your yz250f Graphics