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  1. dxbarm

    Cut chain to short

    Put it back in, it needs to be in. Next make the cain the correct lenght, links alway come out in groups of two press the links back on with a chain press. if the cain ever gets long enough the way it is, it is trashed.
  2. dxbarm

    2012 YZ 450 Cant get to start!

    The YZ450 is very picky to rmp setting for starting likes 2000 -2100 at idle cold start will be more. Based on temp it will vary, best way to watch is with an hour meter that displays RPMs. Try holding the throttle cracked open a tiny bit when starting and see if it fires. Don
  3. dxbarm

    450 clutch springs in a 250

    picked up some stock KX450 springs and going to try replacing all with the 450 springs
  4. dxbarm

    450 clutch springs in a 250

    I have an 2012 kx250f would like the clutch a bit firmer anyone here use a few 450f springs to stiffen it up?
  5. dxbarm

    WR250X Zeta

    If anyone is interested I have a set of Zeta pivot Levers in the classified.
  6. dxbarm

    Blue connector

    Just picked up a 2012, cannot find it in manual what is the blue connector for that is under the fuel tank that is zip tied to the fuel line it is housed in a black rubber cup.
  7. Went with a Barnett on my son's 2012 did the whole kit, springs, plates and fibers.
  8. dxbarm

    big bore?

    Did my Son's 2005 CRF with a Athena 280 kit it has 50 hours on it, runs perfect, starts first kick 90% of the time hot or cold. Has no vibrations using the stock crank, with a stage 1 hotcams. Bike is a monster in 3rd gear perfect on the track.
  9. dxbarm

    Custom XR250r exhaust?

    If your interested I will trade you a complete Thunder Alley Performance Exhaust System head pipe and muffler for you stock one. just email at donald.beattie@us.army.mil Don
  10. dxbarm

    280 kit bike won't start

    Make sure the AS is not turned to far out. The BB are very sensitive to jetting I would go no more then 2 turns out and use the choke. Also check the vent hose ensure it is empty, pull the plug and verifiy. Jetted correctly should start one or two kicks, my sons 280 fires easy.
  11. dxbarm

    CRF250 Big Bore

    Just a update on the big bore kit over 5 hours on it now runs as strong as ever. The Bike really seems to like third gear to include turns. Also, bike is not as pickey with the jetting as the 250 was. No loss on the top end either bike revs out fine.
  12. dxbarm

    2008 Steering Damper

  13. dxbarm

    CRF250 Big Bore

    The kits they sell now do not require any cuts, its all plug and play!
  14. dxbarm

    CRF250 Big Bore

    I do have the stage one Hot Cam in the bike, no head work was required it was a bolt on.