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    xr400 hard to start after warmed up

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    XR400 Electric Starter

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    http://www.cycletrader.com/find/listing/2006-HONDA-XR400-Motard-87597923 check out this xr400 would be nice to have this available in usa or canada
  4. Looking for information the fork springs. the 2003 has fork springs measuring 526 mm and the race tech springs measure 472mm the older xr's have the shorter springs like the replacement springs but the 2003 has longer springs. I know that they supply a spacer tube and washers for shimming up the length but the shim seems to be about 2.5 inches and this to me is excessive. Anyone with experience installing this in a 2003 xr400r ? I would like to know about this. Thanks
  5. stimpy666

    xr400 handle bars

    took your advise.. cut 1.25 " off each side.. rides like it is on rails in the corners now.. much less arm strain.. i would reccomend this mod to anyone on any bike if they ride in single track woods.
  6. stimpy666

    xr400 handle bars

    most of the riders out there have had to replace bars once in a while how many of you cut the width of the bars down some amount questions do you cut your bars ? how much ? type of riding size of shoulders ie: sm med lg xl xxl xxxl ? thanks for the feedback I do mostly harescrambles and i find the bars are too wide compared to other riders bikes. most guys seem to cut 1 inch off.
  7. stimpy666

    Trailtech computer sensor install

    Other soultion. Buy a GPS for your speed if that is the only thing you are in need of. I have both on my xr400r and I mostly use the gps
  8. stimpy666

    FMF Power Core IV for the XR400?

    Ok I have a 2003 XR400R and have tried these combo's stock front pipe and stock muffler (low noise) stock front pipe and 3 holes in the muffler ( gordon mods ) louder than stock but tolerable. moded front stock pipe and stock muffler no difference ( gordon mods removing the weld) FmF power core rear muffler assembly with stock front pipe without noise insert... very loud.. ( crf450 loud ) fmf power core rear muffler assembly with stock front pipe with noise insert installed only slightly louder than stock. fmf power core complete system including fmf front pipe without noise insert installed slightly less than (crf450 loud ) still very loud.. fmf power core complete system including fmf front pipe with noise insert installed slightly less than same as gordon mods with 3 holes in stock system.. best choice is last one...for trail riding. and noise requirements.. the quiet insert does not reduce hp by any noticable amount.. take the insert out for racing but you may not pass the sound check.. last choice is about 92 db without insert is is about 98 db
  9. stimpy666

    Hot start

    you can make your own hot start easily.. but first try adjusting your valves.. to make a hot start kit first buy a small water / air shut off valve.. then buy 2 nipples for the valve that thread into the valve and have a tapered nozzle on the end,.. plumb this with a hose to your intake.. and buy a plastic fitting for your intake.. all that a hot start kit does is lean out the air fuel mixture by allowing a bypass of fresh air from going into the carb.. you are allowing fresh air to go directly into the intake.. Remember I said plastic for the fitting in the manifold... if it becomes loose or breaks it will not damage your valves or internal engine parts... but a metal or copper one will.. you have been warned Good Luck