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  1. LIL ROG

    Moving to Lincoln

    Sweet thanks for all the help! I guess the days of riding out of my house are over. Looks like I will try switching to motocross. Now I just need to sale my rmx and get a motocrosser. I will be hitting the road on my way to Lincoln in about a week can't wait. Thanks again.
  2. LIL ROG

    Nebraska Moving to Lincoln

    Hey guys so I am moving from las Vegas to Lincoln and just wanted to know what the riding is like out there? Is there a lot of good trail riding out there or more motocross? I have a trial bike now and was trying to decide if I should switch to a motocross bike. Also what kind of racing do you guys do out there, I race offroad out in Vegas. Is there anything like that out there? And lastly GO BIG RED!
  3. LIL ROG

    What happened to Dungeys bike?

    Well rd1 had a DNF last year in motocross but yet still has the number 1 plate.
  4. He's switching to atvs hoping he can stay off the dirt it's just taking some time to get it dialed in.
  5. LIL ROG

    RMX450 Recall

    There's one in the classifieds.
  6. LIL ROG

    *** is up with MA800

    I think he figured js was the leader.
  7. LIL ROG

    RMX450 Recall

    I called my dealer they said they haven't heard anything about a recall and that even if there was it would be an option.
  8. LIL ROG

    RMX standard sag

    When RG3 set up my bike their suggested sag was 98-102mm
  9. LIL ROG

    Bigger Tank ?

    i will try and take some pics of my bike this weekend it dose look like the pic above except I have a dry break.
  10. LIL ROG

    SSB Throttle Body

    just what you need more power......haha I kid anyways your bike dosent need more power it rips how it is spend the 899.95 elsewhere
  11. LIL ROG

    Reed and Stewart new teammates?

    well i've been hearing reed might start his own team but you know how that whole rumor mill goes.....
  12. LIL ROG

    Reed and Stewart new teammates?

    my guess would be they are both riding for the same manufacture (yamaha) is my guess cause i have heard reed is going blue so they will both be testing at the same track. Thats my .002
  13. LIL ROG

    Bigger Tank ?

    ims makes one it fits great
  14. LIL ROG

    "Yamaha thumbs"

    it is caused by the amount of pull back in the bend of your bars
  15. LIL ROG

    Shift, clutch and brake levers ?

    I have the arc clutch perch and lever and then the brake lever also works great. You do have to unplug and zip tie the clutch sensor wire behind the headlight.