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  1. Robb K


    Randomly engine stalls at idle or near idle. I found that the fuel hose crowded against choke knob and would move it just enough to enrich and stall. I pushed the hose over, but it would soon return to it's troubling ways. So small hole in frame partially behind engine bracket looks like a good place for a hose holder. I slightly tapper the hole. Then found a countersunk pin to stick threw hole, that is not abrasive to hose. A golf tee with a sleeve of heat shrink. I re-installed bracket, which secured the tee.
  2. Robb K

    New to TT

    I have not had much PITA with mine. Concure, gear it down, I ended up at 13/52. The wire connector under left radiator shield took on and held water, shorted out and stalled engine. so i fixed that. Hope you get yours sorted out.
  3. Robb K

    new pipe

    Looks Great
  4. Robb K

    Pirelli MT 43 ?

    I run these Pirelli mt43 front and back, 16psi front, 12 psi rear cold . I have also ran Mich, IRC and Dunlop on other bikes, and my bud Lee swears by Mich. I do like the pirelli' best because they are firmer when loading side wall. This bike and I together are on the heavy side. I would say gearing it down some and useing trials tires are the best mod.
  5. Robb K

    Gearing & Chain Slider/Guide

    I'm (210lbs) always fiddling with some thing, and on my 08 klx450r, 13 front (stock) and 52 rear seems to be the ticket for me. Normal/common mods, plus Hinson steel clutch drum. Traction and or making the rear tire do its thing; fancy clutching, body postion, grooving the tire, or even a trials tire seems to make hill climbing much more fun. That balance of all envoled to push me and machine up this hill, don't dig a hole or wheelie to much and shot he over top is such a rush. I often pratice the tuffer hills over and over. Secondly this gearing is so much fun 2nd 3rd 4th gears on the trail ripping.
  6. Robb K

    Moon Rocks pictures \ HGP MO Race

    cool, looks like a great time! #74 on the kawi right on
  7. Robb K

    Sprocket combinations 2003 KLX400R

    For trail use what ratio are you running now?
  8. Robb K

    Need help quick!! XR250

    yes very much so, piston hits valves. valves bend ez.
  9. 04 slt quadcab 4wd 2500 5.9 diesel automatic 62k: repairs add a lift pump on warranty. one problem now heater fan does not work on the med fast setting. A recently recieved letter says the ecm is now on life time warranty. No major problems. Previous owner towed fifth wheel type trailer, I have not towed much.19-20 hwy mpg. Good solid truck.
  10. Robb K

    Sprocket combinations 2003 KLX400R

    Change the front to a 13, this will give you a happy second gear. 2nd gear slipping the clutch abit in slow areas is better that dropping a gear. Imbarassing neutral is in there so try not to do much first to second shifts, and you can hammer the gear box with missed shifts. I have found riding second and up is helpfull because monentum is your real freind. If it is slick you got to have good traction on rear tire. Master the clutch.
  11. Robb K

    Setting up for the woods

    Flywheel weight and high traction rear tire maybe even try a trials tire if not in mud. you can match up the springs to your wieght but stay to the soft side. bark busters and skid plate. is it a new bike?
  12. Robb K

    Modding, What Plug to use?

    I would say NGK , not sure if there are any presious metal plugs, probally don't need them anyway.
  13. Robb K

    Whos got it for 2011

    A1 is jan 8th. I can't hardly wait. Lets just see how we get thru the heat races and main event of the first race. Trey Canard is moving up and raced some last year on the lights break, he is a racer for sure. Kevin W will keep every body honest. Andrew S riding for KTM with Roger and Ryan V will be back with a vengeance and James S is going to show us how to put that new yamaha on the podium. But everybody has to get around our champ Ryan Dungey. It's going to be so awesome!
  14. Robb K

    is it ok to pop the clutch?

    OK, but check the rear spoke tightness and the rear sprocket to wheel hub bolts.
  15. Robb K

    Going from CRF450R to KLX450r differences?

    Well???? Hope you will share, what are the differences? I have not owned a crf450, but there have been some in a ride group, seemed like he was in first gear most of the time reving it out. Moto mags compare it to the klx450r to the crf450x. The klx450 may feel heavier, and top heavy. The suspension may feel to soft. The steering may need a stabilzer at desert speed. The engine has more torque, but signs off early. Alot of mods to help. Over all it's a great bike and value. How do you like it?