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  1. It doesn't take long for them to get hot either. I won't touch my pipe on my bike even if its only been running for only 30 seconds. Made that mistake once and won't do it again.
  2. Were you not wearing boots? Looks like the burns are kind of low if you were.
  3. Ya good job with the build so far. It's not the kind of job I'd imagine a young guy like yourself doing. Most young people just get too excited to ride and cut corners.
  4. +1 on this one. Honda only sells the assembly but if the shop can get you a rod kit then I'd do it for the 120 bucks.
  5. I saw that you guys were talking about lubing vs dry cylinder during assembly. I used to work in the shop at a yamaha dealership and we always lubed all cylinders during assembly with yamalube 2t. I've always lubed using 2t oil because it burns readily so would burn off quick but also gives the important lubing during first start.
  6. Wow, that thing must have less than 15hrs on it total.
  7. These tips are for starting a warm/hot bike. Tip #1 don't turn the throttle at all when kicking it over or you'll flood it. You can grab the bike by the handle bar pad if you find yourself turning it. Tip #2 Use the hot start.
  8. Did you put the ball back?
  9. Those clutch plates look pretty worn out. Was it slipping at all?
  10. If you're just selling it I'd go with the pro x. The person who buys it should be doing a top end on it anyway, I know I would if I bought a bike. BTW I don't trust it when I buy a bike with a "fresh top end". I'd do it anyway.
  11. Have you ever checked your valve lash? If the lash is out and on the tight side which it would be because the valves naturally mash themselves into the head. It could cause the valves to leak when the engine is warm because they have expanded and are slightly open.
  12. I'm with this guy, sounds like something electrical to me. Have you ohmed out your coil/stator pack yet? Try the spark plug first then try doing the above and compare to what your service manual says. I also have a question, how long does it run for before it dies? Does it get completely warmed up?
  13. into is one word and cylinder is spelled with an i and an e.
  14. Clean bike but no my style. Seems like someone who would buy a civic and rice it out with all kinds of bling and body kit.
  15. I think I know what the OP's report card used to look like. "Subaru297 doesn't apply himself in class."