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  1. I can get one of the three bikes i will be using it to help the 7 year old get faster on the motocross track just pushing him. and than play riding. i just maninly want the faster bike. They are all in good shape the piranaha 150 09 model or pitster pro 09 model x4 140cc or a 2005 honda with suspension goodies and a oil cooled 138cc gpx motor. thanks alot guys
  2. firegrizz7

    I want more power for my SSR 125. what to do??

    also how much is the BBR d section pipe?? head pipe too?? also the louder the better hows it sound??
  3. firegrizz7

    I want more power for my SSR 125. what to do??

    Is it hard to pull the flywheel? also how much do i shave off?? should i do this with a carb kit and cdi box and than what pipe should i get??
  4. What are the best mods to get more power out of my SSR125 and not spending to much?? Rev box??? CDI?? Bigger Carb?? Pipe?? let me know what will be my best bet. thanks alot guys
  5. I got my new bike today love it but a few complaints. The rear brakes will not work why, bleed them and all still dont work? Also the clutch is horrible stiff why?? my wrist still hurts from pulling it in all day today. Can anyone help?? thanks
  6. I really want a pit bike and im only looking to spend 1300 dollars max. So that will include shipping or hopefully its free. So you guys seem to know what your talking about so could you help me out thanks alot guys.