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  1. ok thank you hopefully that will be the problem
  2. i have a problem and i dont know the solution! whenever i turn the fuel switch on the gas just comes pouring out of the bottom of the bike. can anyone help me???
  3. get a can of mothers and rub it on and then wipe it with a different cloth. repeat until shiny enough for you haha. i can see myself in my frame.
  4. i ran out of coolant completly so i had to refill it with more but when i did it all leak out of the hose. Is there a certain amount i have to put in or do i just top it off?
  5. alright man thanks. thats too bad! i went riding there before i got a bike last year but i was riding with my quad and my neighbors quad but now that i have a bike i wanted to go again but hah i guess i cant now! thanks for the warning
  6. Has anybody ever ridden at the Deleware Industrail Park and does anybody know if its still open?
  7. wont that flood the engine?
  8. i think its funny how a thread cant go without somebody saying,"oh the was photoshopped."
  9. can somebody PM them to me because i am curious to see?
  10. this might take you a couple tries but kick it without the choke on and when you hear it start but not completly then put the choke on and kick it again. this worked for me during the winter time.
  11. where could they do that for that long without being seen by cops?
  12. i need help jetting for the winter time
  13. its an 05 and its winter time so its pretty cold
  14. can anyone give me and help with jetting?