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  1. mgilbert15

    Shorts 2010 San Diego case?

    My buddy had his do the same called me to make sure I didnt delete it. Best wishes for shorty.
  2. mgilbert15

    Vdr HS 2-7-10 postponed again. now on **5-2-10**

    I drove there after listening to the Hotline, got there at 8:40 and was told it was cancelled. Oh well....
  3. mgilbert15

    Vdr HS 2-7-10 postponed again. now on **5-2-10**

    This race is a perfect way to get out of going to another superbowl party!
  4. mgilbert15

    **Cycle City Promotions Kicker Arenacross**

    I ran this weekend as well. That was a fun track!
  5. mgilbert15

    need help deciding

    Hey Mike2timez, I know never racing before and tyring an arenacross is jumping in with both feet! So I will look for ya and say hello. IMHO, I raced beginner classes about 4 years ago when I started racing. I only did it a couple of times. The beginner class is complete mayhem! I applaud their enthisiasm but never felt safe (relative term) around most of them. If you are able to run in the +30 you should consider it. There are plenty of guys in that class that are there to race but like to go home in one piece. You dont see them crossing your line or overestimating thier abilities and underestimating the consequences of thier actions. Just my .02. Either way you are going to be fine.
  6. mgilbert15

    need help deciding

    I am planning to race +30 anyone else?
  7. mgilbert15

    Watkins is now $15 per day!

    Anybody know why the SRAC is not holding any motocross events there this year? Britt Honda was using that track, now they are not (at least this year). Maybe the owners at Watkins have to raise their gate fees since they are not going to have any racing events this year?
  8. mgilbert15

    VDR HS Ice & Mud Fest

    I think his number was 117 or 114? He was one of the kids to give me a nudge.
  9. mgilbert15

    VDR HS Ice & Mud Fest

    Raced my Poalris RZR with the quads and the track was frozen until last two laps. Ran about 14:20 per lap in the RZR. Lined up in the vet class and ran the same lap times for the whole race due to the deteriorating conditions. I had a great time needless to say! Had a couple of kids coming through on the first lap who didnt realize how slick the back area was becomming and both times they ran into me but somehow I managed to stay up and keep riding. I remember the 2nd or 3rd race 2 years ago that was absolutely a mess! Water, slime, mud on top and sheets of ice underneath. That was one for the books that year. With the snow and forecast this week, any bets on IF we run again Jan 3rd? It would be even sloppier if the sun is out next week. PS: Merry Christmas
  10. mgilbert15

    2009 Red Bull Romaniacs

    Those guys are TOUGH! Nice video!
  11. Anyone get out to Watkins yesterday?
  12. mgilbert15

    VDR November HS - How 'bout reversing direction?!

    Great track conditions, good weather and reverse was a nice change. The track did get rough near the end but I liked it!
  13. mgilbert15

    Next VDR Hare Scramble - Nov 8

    $12 per person at gate. $35 per non pro class No AMA license required $5 transponder rental Can't remember purchase price (I think $25) Definitely a great time!
  14. mgilbert15

    Next VDR Hare Scramble - Nov 8

    It was a bit dusty, but better than a couple of the Mudfests last season!