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  1. i just got my reg renewal in the mail. 06 wr450 im so excited! John.
  2. since youre doing 180 in town and short twisties..................... ................?
  3. yea.. it was a lot my fault too... i knew when i saw 06-07 yz450f that it was alum frame and that it probably wouldnt work... but i was told by people who i figured knew what they were talking about wouldnt guide me wrong. im really looking for titanium, otherwise id be all over the SS thanks for the info! John.
  4. well i called yosh and they told me 2346167 was the only one that fit that description. i felt a little leery because it was for a yz450f 06-07, so i get it and it doesnt fit... back to square one
  5. msr's look cool, might get a couple. im curious though, how tall is the 22oz bottle? they dont give dimensions.
  6. excellent! thanks for the help John.
  7. ahhh, found me some results there thanks! stupid follow up question: not something that can be done assembled is it??
  8. 150r thats my brothers bike, he went down pretty hard and bent this.. dunno what its called or id have searched... and dont know where to start to fix it, if its even possible? the bars turn right more than left, AND stick when theyre all the way over... thanks, John.
  9. i got mine in last week and installed it a couple days ago... i just changed out the connector at the end and it worked flawlessly!!! tiny little key though John.
  10. haha nice. so hook a brotha up??
  11. what pipes will fit the 06 wr450f?? yoshimura's site isnt the best and im having a hard time figuring out which will work. im looking for a full system in titanium. part # would be great too. John.
  12. crazy you bring this up. i was just on a road course track and was scraping my boots while upshifting in turns and was thinking of JUST this. id like to know if there is anything else available as well. John.
  13. ive thought about an autox course, could slap a hitch on the car i drive in them and take the tard with me i have lots of canyons near me, so im always in them, then there are 2 places within 2hrs, both kart tracks, but one is right next to a road course where i track my r6. John.
  14. i dont have any pics of me on my motard... yet. however, im a decently heavy dude. at my peak, i was 275ish, now im down to 255 or so.
  15. when did that start?? i purchased mine around june or july i think.