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  1. atli

    gearing for 2008 ktm 250sxf

    I ride more on tight tracks and I like 13 50
  2. tapping noise is not normal, I think you have more noise than other people are thinking about because you say it sounds like a ducati, the older ducati's have a dry clutch so on them it is normal but not on your KTM. I had the same problem on my 06 250 and I took it to a KTM dealer and he told me it's normal since it stops when it warms up, I then took it to a local garage and he found the cam chain tensioner faulty. I bought another KTM tensioner and it worked until I sold that bike but for my new bike I might buy this dirt tricks tensioner, it only makes sence to have the ratchet backup.
  3. I have 2 of them, one i have probably 30-40 hours and it starts from cold with choke on arround 3rd kick, if it's warm outside I normally skip the choke and just pump the gas once and kick 3 - 5 time's. but when the engine is worm it almost always starts first kick with the hot start. I used to have a hard time starting it and with my other bike (in anonther country) it's very hard to start but it only has arround 8hrs.