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  1. I have a choice of getting an 06 Suzuki LTR450r or an 07 Yamaha YFZ450r both for the same price, I will be riding about 80% Sand dunes and 20% west coast desert. Both quads are stock. What's your recommendation?
  2. Dads250x

    Marzocchi Forks

    It's a LEM, made in Italy. They make great 50cc & 65cc motocross bikes.
  3. Dads250x

    Marzocchi Forks

    Took the forks to Marzocchi USA, they tore them apart and found out the Valve body in the Rebound fork came off of the Cartridge rod. Valve body and bolt were laying in the bottom of the fork tube, put it back together with LOCKTITE. All Good.
  4. Dads250x

    Marzocchi Forks

    Problem solved.
  5. Dads250x

    Marzocchi Forks

    The forks on my sons 07 RX 65 "TOP OUT" any time the front tire comes off the ground. The forks are like 2 Pogo sticks. The bike has 2 rides on it. I changed the oil to maxima 7.5 wt, NO HELP. The forks travel 1 inch from bottoming to topping out over EVERY jump. Any help as to why this is happening. No clicker adjustments on these forks, also the left fork had 150cc of oil and the right side had 200cc, both even at 200cc now still tops out.