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  1. My 07 450 suffered severe damage. A branch sticking out of the trail impelled into my new bike. Entered left radiator, punched through my gas tank and ripped out the airbox straight out the back. Taking her in tomorrow. Sounds expensive?
  2. Looking for off-road riders in the Helena vicinity to join up and hit the trails.
  3. They did a excellent article on the 07 WR450. They didn't appear biassed either way. I'm glad that I have the new bike!
  4. Yamaha has them on backorder until ? White brothers has them for less money and stoughtly built.
  5. My new 07 450 will out run the YZ. My mods include ais removal, grey wire seperated, air snorkel removed, fmf header, fmf exhaust. twin-air powerflow kit, custom rejetting, and of course a graphics kit from Zip-Ty racing.