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  1. Bunker Buster

    Found a FMF Pipe for the elusive DR 200 SE !!!!

    E-mail them to me and I'll put them up for you. RyanC@SouthernBowties.com
  2. Bunker Buster

    DR 200 Suspension

    I already re-oiled the front forks, added a little extra and will test it out this weekend. I'm curious as to what springs will interchange. There has to be a stiffer spring from another application that has the same diameter, etc... Unfortunately, there's little to no info on the net for the 200.
  3. Bunker Buster

    DR 200 Suspension

    First off, Great site! I've been doing plenty of searches and haven't come up with much, so hopefully someone here can steer me in the right direction. I have an '87 DR200 that I've owned since new and until recently hasn't been ridden much. It still looks new. All I've done is regular maintenance and new tires. I really want to stiffen up the suspension. What fork springs, rear spring/shock would be interchangeable? The suspension on this thing is really soft and I'm only 5"10 160lbs. I mainly trail ride, but do like to play around on the MC tracks and jump doubles and table tops on occasion. Any guideance would be greatly appreciated!