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    03 450R Valve Issues

    how hard is it to install the head and everything if i do it myself?
  2. carruco

    03 450R Valve Issues

    Need some suggestions, I bought a 03 450R used a little more than a year ago. On my first trip out the bike started popping and wouldn't run so I took it into my local honda dealer. He said that I had no clearance and needed to have the head redone, recut the seats, new valves, springs, etc. I used the bike about 10 hours and rechecked the valve clearance. One of the intake valves was out of spec. I had it reshimmed by the honda shop and rode it for about 5 hours and rechecked the clearance and one intake has NO clearance, the other is also out of spec. So I need help trying to figure out what to do. Should I reshim again and just expect to reshim it every other ride? Do I need a new head, valve, springs agian? If so, what woudl you recommed. Any help would be appreciated.