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  1. Hi guys, Was searching around for some a recommendations on what you guys are using for center stands for your XR650R's but couldn't find any posts. I have a cheap-o Harbor Freight bike jack that won't securely hold my beefy 650 in the air. Was wondering if anyone's used or had experience with the XR650R on the "Ogio 180 Stand"? Any other recommendations for a heavy-duty well balanced maintenance stand? Thanks!
  2. Esrum1

    SLC riders ?

    Hey Aug - I live in North SLC (came over for my job from Denver about 3 years ago) and I've found a few decent areas to ride: 1. Pretty decent trail system near Strawberry Reservoir. 2. Farmington Canyon (Bountiful/Skyline Drive) is a 4x4 road, but still a decent quick ride that produces some great views of the valley. 3. Hardware Ranch is decent, but it's a good 2 hour drive from SLC. 4. Inspiration Point near Mantua. Again, about 2 hours away, but there is quite of bit to do in this trail system. And finally, Utah is home to the best offroading in the world - Moab. If you've never been, from SLC you're about 3.5 hours away driving (I just drove it last weekend). Moab is by far one of the coolest places in the world. Good luck, and enjoy. I'm biased to my home state (Colorado), but I enjoy the diversity of Utah. There is quite a bit to do.
  3. Esrum1

    (650R) Pig roasts Hog

    Being an HD and 650R owner myself, I can only see so much fun in blasting a Electra Glide from one stoplight to the next . . . . However . . . . I think it's tons of fun to smoke 19 year olds and their Ford Mustang GTs or their "Super-Winged" Imprezas . . . . on a DIRT BIKE!!
  4. Esrum1

    Best tires for a plated xr650r ??

    I ride about 50% on tight twistys here in Utah and about 50% on dirt trails, single track and fire roads. For both conditions I've been really happy with the Metzler Karoo. I'm on my third set. The rear tire will wear out under heavy use in several months. It handles very nice on the pavement as well. Not too pricey either. Overall, a good balance.
  5. Esrum1

    Part Two - Road Gearing.

    Thanks - Just ordered Renthal 15 and 45 tooth sprockets.
  6. Carrying this thread a step further: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522863 I too am looking at throwing a 45 tooth sprocket on my XR 650R. What, if any is recommended for a front sprocket change? 15 tooth? What can be expected with that combination? Thanks. Joe
  7. Esrum1

    Rear Wheel Alignment.

    I just put a new tire on my 650R today, and as I was re-installing the rear tire I did my best to align it properly on the swing arm. I'm fairly confident that I got it straight (it looks straight by sight, and it feels to track straight from just riding around the neighborhood). What are some techniques that are used by others to get that rear axle perfectly aligned? How much room for error does one have - a few centimeters? What are the symptoms and eventual problems with a rear wheel that is crooked? Thanks. Joe
  8. I just did a valve job on my 2005 XR650R. 6 months ago, I got them spot on. Unfortunately, they tightened up a bit, so I loosened them, but I loosened them too much this time around. I'm now getting the annoying clanking from the loose valves. I probably won't have time to re-adjust them until this weekend, but would like to ride tomorrow to work. Is this generally a bad idea with loose and loud valves? I should probably stick with my own intuition that tells me just to let her sit until I get it right. Joe
  9. What's involved in a counter shaft seal replacement? Going over the Honda Service Manual, there really is no specifics for a simple seal change - they go into way more depth than seems necessary. Any special recommendations? Thanks, Joe
  10. Esrum1

    Oil change, Level.

    Hello Folks, I just did my '06 650's first oil change and just wanted to confirm what the shop manual has written. After reading through the forums, I've gotten several mixed stories. I changed the oil filter, so the shop manual recommended 1.7 quarts. I ended up putting roughly 1.85 quarts in. After running the machine up and down my street for roughly 10 minutes, the dipstick shows the oil level right at the "Upper Mark" - done according to the manual. I can see the top of the oil as I look down the filler tube. What's everyone's experience with proper oil levels? Thanks, Joe
  11. Esrum1

    XR650R good for trails?

    I love mine on the trails. I weigh 250 and always have more power than I need. At times it can be a handful on super technical tight stuff but I've been impressed. As for the street, I love it there too. It will out-accelerate almost anything on the road. Joe