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    Barrett Exhausts?

    For example, the ADB project husky which only needed a slip on: http://www.adbmag.com/bike_project_show.php?id=4 And the crf450x which was tested with a full system: http://www.barrettexhausts.com.au/html/adb_mar06.htm And another review of just a slip on for a husky: http://www.barrettexhausts.com.au/html/motorcycletradermag.htm Two slip on reviews suggesting that they DO work!!
  2. ozy3

    Barrett Exhausts?

    Sure, certain bikes such as a drz do need full systems to make a difference, but what i'm saying is that not all bikes need it. If all bikes needed full systems then there wouldn't be a market for just slip ons. I've seen dynographs that prove slip ons do make a difference (and having one on my own bike ive been able to feel the difference). There are certain ones that only require a slip on for power gains, then there are other bikes that need a full system to do this. I've heard that Barrett test their pipes on the dyno, and know that they provide slip ons AS WELL as full systems for the bikes that need it. I've also read good reports on both their slip ons and full systems in ADB.
  3. ozy3

    Barrett Exhausts?

    I've been running a barrett slip on muffler on my 525exc for a while now and love it. I've noticed significant power gains throughout the whole range and it gives off a nice note without being too loud and offensive. I've raced it many times and never had any problems with the rivets falling apart, the barrett definately seems to be an excellent quality made pipe. I don't think all bikes need a complete after market full system to give good power gains, slip ons alone can achieve it too - i can testify to this myself, as can loads guys i know who only have the slip ons. And aside from all that, it looks trick!!!